Pronunciation of Ihanelma?

i’m going through a list of names i made using BTN’s Finnish origin filter a while back, and adding the pronunciations that are provided.

[name_f]Ihanelma[/name_f] was user submitted and the listed pronunciation is “I-hah-nel-mah.” i’m wondering if anyone who is familiar with Finnish could give me any additional guidance on it? i tried a quick google that didn’t turn anything helpful up. thank you in advance! :black_heart:

@Luminen are you able to help out here?


Sure am @Greyblue :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s basically right but I would write it out a bit differently to clarify the vowel sounds: IH-huh-nell-muh (IH like in big). The stress is on the first syllable (the same goes for all Finnish words/names so easy to remember!)


Thank you so much! I had found some automatically generated American [name_f]English[/name_f] pronunciations but they didn’t sound right (go figure :sweat_smile:). Such a beautiful name (:

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