Pronunciation of Xanthippe?

Hello all!

I’ve been considering using Xanthippe in one of my books for a supporting character, but I’m not sure about how people would pronounce it. Nameberry says it is pronounced zan-[name_m]TIP[/name_m]-ee, but I’ve been pronouncing it more lazily, more like zan-tih-pee. I’m probably wrong, but I can’t seem to find a recording of someone saying it that isn’t saying it zan-thip or zan-thip-ee.

What do you all think? [name_m]How[/name_m] would you pronounce it?

I’ve only heard it as a name for a character on Unbreakable [name_f]Kimmy[/name_f] Schmidt and I believe it’s pronounced zan-thip-ee on the show.

I’d say it [name_m]Zan[/name_m]-thip-ee

I would say zan-THIP-pee.

I’ve always read [name_m]Zan[/name_m]-thipp but I’m probably wrong, I was thinking of this just the other day actually

[name_m]Zan[/name_m]-thip-ee. I also like [name_m]Zan[/name_m]-thip-ay, it’s softer. But I doubt it’s a legitimate pronunciation.


K pen as zanTHIpee

I would pronounce it [name_m]Zan[/name_m]-THI-pee, because that would be most common around here (if any pronunciation of Xanthippe can considered “common”!)

My understanding of modern Greek pronunciation is that the theta (th) sound is like the th in “thin,” although the classical pronunciation might have been more of an aspirated “t” sound. I think either would work, but most people will default to a “th” sound (if they can manage to figure out how to pronounce it at all!)

[name_m]Zan[/name_m] Thip ee I believe.

I pronounce it [name_m]ZAN[/name_m]-tip-ee.

Xanthippe has always been “zan-thip-ee” for me. It’s quite a fun name and since the start of this thread I’ve been warming up to it more, although I don’t know if it’d be usable enough for me.
I’m from England, incase that’ll help.