Pronunciation question... Halia?

[name]Just[/name] came across this name and I love it, it is Hawaiian and it means “remembrance of a loved one.” The only qualm I have about it is I can’t figure out if it’s pronounced HAY-lee-ah or [name]HAL[/name]-lee-ah, or would it be more like [name]HAL[/name]-yuh like [name]Dahlia[/name]? Anyone from [name]Hawaii[/name]?? :slight_smile:

ha-[name]LEE[/name]-ah is the pronunciation

I met a lovely little girl named [name]Halia[/name] who was from [name]Hawaii[/name] once. She pronounced it hah-EE-ah.

I’m not sure I like it if it’s pronounced kinda like Hail-ee-ah…what do you think of the name itself?

Hmmm. Unfortunately, it reminds me of halitosis.

Not sure how it’s pronounced I’m afraid, though if I saw the name on paper I’d be inclined to say [name]HAL[/name]-ee-uh. I’m in the UK, so that might have some bearing on my pronunciation, but I did once meet a [name]Helia[/name] which was pronounced HEL-ee-uh if that’s any help. It does have a lovely meaning though.

A character from the television showWeeds is named /hail ya/ but I’m unsure of its spelling. Not wild about it.

Me too! First thing I thought of, weirdly enough.

The second thing it makes me think of, if pronounced [name]HAL[/name]-ya or [name]HALL[/name]-ya, is “Hell, yeah!”

If pronounced ha-[name]LEE[/name]-ah, I like it a bit better.

The character from Weeds’ name is spelled Heylia, according to that show’s Facebook news feed. :slight_smile: Pronounced HAIL-YUH.

I like [name]Halia[/name], however you choose to pronounce it. In Hawaiian (not that I’m an expert or anything), I would think it would be Ha-lee-uh. Which is nice! I like the Weeds pronunciation too though…just not the way they spell it!

I quite like it, only with the pn hah-[name]LEE[/name]-uh. It’s far from my style. It’s probably a favourite Hawiian name, though.