Pronunciation Questions

The two ladies I’ve known named [name]Eunice[/name] have pronounced it YOO-niss.

I believe it is Are-E-ahd-nee or another way to write it that sounds the same in my head is [name]Ari[/name]-ahd-nee

I am not a huge fan of this name but yes I have seen it on several posts lately.

That’s how I say it too, but I’ve never actually heard it out loud.

Yep! [name]Ariadne[/name] is air-ee-odd-nee.

[name]Olive[/name], [name]Esme[/name] is EZ-may.

I’m wondering about [name]Clara[/name]. I’ve heard both [name]Clair[/name]-uh and Clahr-uh…

[name]Clara[/name] was my aunt’s name and she was [name]Clair[/name]-ah.

I like [name]Claire[/name]-uh a lot better than Clahrr-uh, but Aunt [name]Clara[/name] on Bewitched was a Clahrr-uh. Sounds very [name]East[/name] Coast. The family on Bewitched was from Westport, CT.

Yep, [name]Susan[/name], you pegged it, From what I’ve gathered (with relatives on both coasts) [name]CLAIR[/name]-ah is [name]West[/name], CLAHR-ah is [name]East[/name]. As an east coast lifelong resident, CLAHR-ah is what my ear most definitely prefers. For the record, I hate my name when I’m on the west coast too.

Hmm, [name]Lola[/name], what is the difference with your name [name]East[/name] vs. [name]West[/name]? Is it Lor-a in the west and Lar-a in the east? I’ve lived on both coasts, but I guess I’ve never noticed.

I’ve gotten LAIR-ah in [name]CA[/name] and grew up a [name]LORE[/name]-ah in NJ. I’ve also gotten La-OAR-ah in Spain, Germany, Poland, [name]Russia[/name] & [name]France[/name]. I like my name better in Europe, overall! :stuck_out_tongue: LAHR-ah is [name]Lara[/name], a completely different name, to me. But I get that in the center of the country, Iowa, Kansas, you know? I hate that, I keep saying “My name is [name]LAURA[/name] not [name]LARA[/name]!” and still it gets mangled. I think that’s why I go by [name]Lola[/name] 99% of the time. Less regional variation.

I read these, and I love the differences between Australian and US (I’m assuming) pronunciations. [name]Clara[/name]'s [CLARH-ah] an all time favourite of mine, and I think it’d do my head in to hear her pronounced [name]CLAIRE[/name]-ah. As with Ariande, she’d start with a short ‘a’ sound here, not the longer ‘air-’ beginning.

[name]Evie[/name] here is always ‘ee-vee’ too. With [name]Eve[/name], [name]Eva[/name] & [name]Evie[/name] all in the top #100 in my state, I’m beginning to despise her a little though

[name]Evie[/name]: EEV-ee. [name]Emmeline[/name]: Either emma-line or emma-leen. [name]Imogen[/name]: IM-oh-jin. [name]Ione[/name]: eye-OWN-ee. [name]Ariadne[/name]: ahr-ee-AHD-nee. [name]Esme[/name]: EZ-may. [name]Clara[/name]: [name]CLAIR[/name]-uh.

What about [name]Romilly[/name]? Does anyone know whether it’s [name]ROME[/name]-illy (like the city [name]Rome[/name]) or [name]RAHM[/name]-illy (like a CD-ROM?)

I say [name]RAHM[/name]-illy…

me too, [name]RAHM[/name]-ih-lee.

Boo. I like [name]ROME[/name]-ih-lee better. This will take some getting used to. :frowning:

I know it’s kind of irrelevant, but in Australia, [name]Romilly[/name] is pronounced ro-MIH-lee - like hmm… I’m trying to think of an ‘o’ sound that sounds the same with both accents - ha! I can’t think of one. Here, it’d be like CD ROM, but we prn Rom with a short ‘o’ sound, like if you’d say dog really quickly maybe?!

ahhh-- I don’t even know where my point went just then!

What bugs me more is ambiguous pronunciations. Like when I come across a [name]Sara[/name], I never know whether to call her se-rah or sah-rah? if that makes sense?! Like the two different [name]Clara[/name] prn?!

I’ve only heard [name]Sarah[/name]/[name]Sara[/name] pronounced sare-uh. Is it pronounced differently in Australia?

I believe it is “[name]Em[/name]-eh-line”. There’s a song by [name]Ben[/name] Fold’s with this title, and that’s how he pronounces her name throughout the song. Sort of like ‘[name]Madeline[/name]’ usually = ‘Mad-eh-line’.

[name]How[/name] about [name]Lesley[/name]/[name]Leslie[/name]?
[name]Do[/name] you pronounce it Less-lee or Lez-lee??

I pronounce it Less-lee. I have a friend named [name]Leslie[/name], and her skin crawls when she hears “lezz-lee.” When we were little, it actually used to make her cry. :frowning: