Pros and Cons of Lila and Claire

feel free to add your opinion on the names. Thank You!


I like both names. To me, Lila is the more distinctive of the two, with Claire being more common. However, it could be counted as a downside that Lila has two pronunciations, whereas Claire’s pronunciation is more straightforward.

lila - i like how it has a sleek, melodical sound that rolls off the tongue! i really don’t like how many names there are that look or sound identical or very similar to it (lilah, lyla, lylah, layla, laylah, lola, lily, etc.)

claire - a chic classic, easy to spell and pronounce! a bit boring to me, and quite common, but still has an elegant flair

Lila ~ Depending on where you live, LY-la is the straight pronunciation in the US. If you introduce her as LAY-la or LEE-la, it will most likely be spelled Layla or Leela. I think all the pronunciations are very, very nice, with LY-la being my favorite. I’m personally not a fan of the other spellings ( Lyla , Lilah ) so I think this spelling is the best. Out of Lila and Claire, this is my favorite of the two! Just consider the pronunciation, depending on where you live.

Claire ~ This spelling feels dated to me, as I prefer the spelling of Clare and the variant of Clara. (Clara would be my favorite of the three.) With that said, it feels very French and chic, and won’t be truly dated based on the name itself, just maybe the spelling.

My overall vote goes to Lila (LY-la), but if you use a different pronunciation then Clare (that spelling).

Hope this helps! :blush:



Simple and well established
Not overused these days
The [name_m]Derry[/name_m] Girls character is cool


Lack of nicknames
A bit bland



[name_m]Sharp[/name_m] and bright
Modern and fresh
[name_m]Easy[/name_m] to spell


Different pronunciations
Currently quite popular