Ptolemy for a girl? WDYT?

So, I’ve recently discovered the name [name]Ptolemy[/name] and I’m loving it!..For a girl? What do you think? Can it work for a girl? It sounds predominantly female to me, what’s your opinion?

It’s a dynasty of kings in Ancient [name]Egypt[/name], so it’s definitely very masculine. People who don’t know about history would never know how to spell it or pronounce it. If you’re dead set on this, I’d strongly encourage it as a middle name.

I think of it as very much a boy’s name. And the only people who will be able to say it, are the people who will think of it as a boy’s name. There’s a lot of cool historic girls’ names, I wouldn’t try to put [name]Ptolemy[/name] on a girl.

I do know that it’s predominantly masculine, but I can’t shake the fact that it feels predominantly feminine to me…if I use it for a girl. I may just leave it in the middle name spot.

Ancient Egyptians pharaohs…not girly in the least. There are some interesting Egyptian queens. [name]Cleopatra[/name] and [name]Nefertiti[/name] come to mind. If your dead set, stick it in the middle. That silent P will be an issue.

I love history, especially Greek and Egyptian, so this is sad to me to see even the ancient pharaoh names considered for a girl. I wouldn’t even encourage it in the middle. Sorry!

Hmm, I have been thinking about it quite a bit, and, in this short time it has grown on me quite a bit. (For a boy) No need to be sorry, just wondered peoples opinions. :slight_smile:

I suppose if you are a big fan of [name]Ptolemy[/name] you could name a child after him but I would only consider it if that’s the case and for a boy.

I agree with the others–I can’t even imagine [name]Ptolemy[/name] on a girl. With its history, it’s just so masculine to me. Besides, [name]Ptolemy[/name] is a lot to live up to! I was never much into ancient history, but didn’t he build the library in [name]Alexandria[/name] that became one of the seven great wonders of the world?

[name]Glad[/name] to see it’s growing on you for a boy, though!

I went to college with a [name]Ptolemy[/name], he was hilarious.

It was definitely a unique name but he wore it well.

I’m not a fan of [name]Ptolemy[/name] in general, it doesn’t even appeal to me as a boys name. So I definitely don’t like it on a girl. Sorry!

No, I don’t think [name]Ptolemy[/name] should be used for anyone, boy or girl. Sorry. :confused:

Absolutely not.

I think its tricky enough for a boy, but I don’t like it at all on a girl

Tolomeo is the Italian version of [name]Ptolemy[/name], and a little easier to pronounce.
If you insist, Tolomea is the feminized version.
Personally, I’ve always loved the name [name]Ptolemy[/name], but i would be hesitant to use it.

I find it quite masculine but now that I think about it could sound quite girly to somebody who doesn’t know about Egyptian history, I showed my friend the name [name]Ptolemy[/name] and she thought it was a girl’s name.

I agree with everyone above…personally I wouldn’t use it…its a pretty strange name and hard to pronounce…does not seem girly or feminine at all most likely because it it only a boys name…I don’t like it

It’s not feminine to me. I liked the suggestion of Tolomea, though! And I adore [name]Cleopatra[/name] nn [name]Cleo[/name].

This name to me just gives the immediately impression of a name that is trying too hard. There are unique names out there that won’t give a child/adult a lifetime of both spelling and pronouncing it to everyone.

I don’t know anyone who knows the name but doesn’t have some idea of the history. It immediately feels masculine and a bit aggressive to me (like a warrior). It’s really hard for me to envision this name on a girl.