Could you name a son [name_m]Quade[/name_m]?

I don’t know, but I knew a McQuade once who went by Quader. LOL.

You can defintely name a son [name_m]Quade[/name_m]! It sounds very similar to names like [name_u]Wade[/name_u] & [name_u]Cade[/name_u]! It does remind me of the actor [name_m]Dennis[/name_m] [name_m]Quaid[/name_m], but it’s still very usable!


reminds me very strongly of dennis quaid - also of coca quids but that’s just because i’m working on an archaeobotany paper :grin: i’d stick to wade.

of course!! its kinda like wade or cade, but with a little twist to it! i think quade is super cute!

[name_m]Quade[/name_m] has an interesting sound but i prefer the spelling [name_m]Quaid[/name_m]

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I considered naming my fourth [name_m]Quade[/name_m]! I like its friendly cowboy sort of vibe. It’s handsome and a little roguish. There’s no good nickname, though, and we’re nicknamers, so it never got off the ground with us. I’d love to see it in use more, though.

Totally. I think it’s really cowboyish.

I immediately thought of [name_m]Dennis[/name_m] [name_m]Quaid[/name_m] and I’d probably think the parents of a boy by this name were fans of his, honestly. That said, I actually really like [name_m]Quade[/name_m]! It is similar enough to other common names that it isn’t going to hit anyone out of left field yet it isn’t common enough to blend in too much.

Hmm…the more I think about it, the more I can get behind it!

Not my personal favorite, but it definitely seems usable!

Sounds very close to [name_u]Wade[/name_u] but you could of course

I know a guy named Quayd so I would say yes, you can name a son [name_m]Quade[/name_m] :blush:

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Definitely! I really like it and it feels more modern and fresh than [name_u]Wade[/name_u]. It is easy to pronounce, unusual, but not weird.

I like the name [name_m]Quade[/name_m] as well as [name_m]Quaden[/name_m].