Question about my daily number of likes

So, earlier today I reached my maximum amount of likes in a day and NB told me I had to wait six hours to like posts again. I did, but after liking just three posts, a message popped up on my screen telling me I’d again reached my maximum amount of likes, and to wait 45 minutes to like posts again. [name_m]Prior[/name_m] to today I’ve had messages similar to this one that tell me to wait a different amount of time each time the message pops up.
I’m confused by this, and am wondering if this is meant to happen, or something if is messed up?

There is a limit of likes. I believe there are daily limits and hourly limits so it’s completely normal that you got a warning when you reached it. You get more likes as your trust level goes up!

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It counts a day as the last 24 hours so depending on how many likes you’ve used and when, the time to wait and exact number will differ.


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Ok, that makes sense now! Thank you!

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