Questions about BRONWYN........

  1. Would you spell this [name]Bronwyn[/name] or [name]Bronwen[/name]? (I think I prefer [name]Bronwyn[/name] as I think it makes it look a little more feminine)

  2. Would it matter to you what the meaning of this name is? Rather than something pretty it means ‘fair bosomed’ is that a no-no for you? would my child hate me for this?

  3. What Nicknames would you use for this? (i’m not keen on the idea of the nn [name]Wyn[/name] right now)

I love the name [name]Bronwyn[/name]! It would be a stronger contender if it sounded better with our last name.
I would spell it [name]Bronwyn[/name] for sure. The meaning wouldn’t matter to me, but I know that is important to some people. I don’t know of any nicknames besides [name]Wynn[/name] (I think that is cute!). I have a good friend named [name]Bronwyn[/name] and she has never gone by a nickname. I think the name is great on its own!

I would use the spelling [name]Bronwen[/name]. I agree with pp that it doesn’t really need a nickname but if you are nn people then [name]Wyn[/name], [name]Winnie[/name] is the natural one.

  1. I’d spell it [name]Bronwen[/name] as I’m Welsh and in Welsh “wyn” endings usually signify male names ([name]Alwyn[/name], Carwyn etc) and “wen” endings usually signify female names ([name]Gwen[/name], [name]Anwen[/name], [name]Olwen[/name] etc). I also think [name]Bronwen[/name] looks prettier and more streamlined and that pronouncing it “wen” rather than “wyn” sounds prettier.

  2. Meaning doesn’t matter to me if I love a name. If I’m on the fence about a name, a great meaning can make me love it and a bad meaning can make me forget it. So I guess it depends how much you love it. My favourite name is [name]Claudia[/name]/[name]Claudie[/name] which has an awful meaning but I don’t care because I love the name enough. [name]Bron[/name] means chest and wen means white or fair. If you really don’t like [name]Bronwen[/name] then why not use [name]Branwen[/name] as [name]Bran[/name] means crow so then it’s technically a nature name.

  3. I know a [name]Bronwen[/name] who goes by [name]Bron[/name]. If this isn’t “cute” enough, what about something like Bronnie? Similar to [name]Bonnie[/name]?

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Love[/name] [name]Bronwyn[/name]!! I’d spell it this way, I don’t usually prefer “y” spellings but in this case, i do :slight_smile: I’m not much of a meanings person so no, that wouldn’t be important to me. As for a nn, I don’t think it needs one, but I’m really like [name]Winnie[/name] or wyn. Good [name]Luck[/name]!!

I agree, [name]Bronwyn[/name] looks more feminine to me. And no, literal meaning dont matter imo. [name]Wynnie[/name] would be a cute nn.

Like a previous poster mentioned, I would change the spelling to [name]Bronwen[/name]. [name]Bronwyn[/name] is the masculine spelling. I don’t think the meaning of the name is an issue.

I concur with the [name]Bronwen[/name] being the feminine spelling. I would assume [name]Bronwyn[/name] was a boy. You could prob quite easily get away with using [name]Bonnie[/name] as a nickname. Of course Bronnie/[name]Ronnie[/name] would also work! I have a friend named [name]Morwenna[/name] who has always gone as Wen - so that works too!

I wouldn’t worry about the meaning at least it isn’t something like “flat chested”! hehe! I’m sure she’ll get a small amount of leg pulling when the boys realise the meaning but I wouldn’t worry about it - she’ll get over it - every kid gets picked on for something at some point during their school life so I wouldn’t let that put you off if you really love the name.

[name]Hope[/name] that helps, [name]Fran[/name] x

I would definitely spell it [name]Bronwen[/name] since this is the feminine form of the name. I love the nickname [name]Winnie[/name] and I wouldn’t be worried be worried about the meaning at all.