Quick Poll for baby girl #2!

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  • Bridgett Dawn : 27 (39%)
  • Devyn Harmony : 16 (23%)
  • Gwyneth Dee: 26 (38%)

[name]Devyn[/name] [name]Harmony[/name] is the ONLY one to really flow like [name]Elliot[/name] [name]Joy[/name]. This is from a clear perspective as I honestly do not like using names that are more common on boys than girls. That’s just my personal taste. But since you do, [name]Devyn[/name]/[name]Elliot[/name] [name]Harmony[/name]/[name]Joy[/name] doesn’t get more perfect. :slight_smile: I wanted to comment with that since I’m sure most people won’t vote that way, but it should be considered.

I agree with gigigibbons, that [name]Devyn[/name] [name]Harmony[/name] has the best flow in relation to [name]Elliot[/name] [name]Joy[/name]. [name]Bridgett[/name] [name]Dawn[/name] is a really cute name, I think that is my favorite combination though. I’m not fond of boy names on girls.

I voted for [name]Gwyneth[/name], I think it’s great with [name]Elliott[/name].

I think [name]Elliott[/name] [name]Joy[/name] and [name]Devyn[/name] [name]Harmony[/name] go wonderfully together :slight_smile:

I don’t like the spelling of [name]Devyn[/name] at all, but like the idea of keeping the “unisex” vibe. What about [name]Delaney[/name] [name]Hope[/name]? I love [name]Elliot[/name] [name]Joy[/name]-- it still sounds feminine and pretty. [name]Gwyneth[/name] is pretty but I don’t like [name]Dee[/name] as the middle. Maybe [name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Diane[/name]?

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I also am not sure on the spelling [name]Devyn[/name]…I prefer [name]Devin[/name]. This is my husband’s favorite name, but I’m not in love with it.

We talked about [name]Delaney[/name] [name]Hope[/name], but he does not like [name]Delaney[/name] & I don’t really like its meaning “dark challenger or defiant one” haha

[name]Gwyneth[/name] is my favorite right now - I thought my girls’ nicknames would then go nicely together ([name]Elle[/name] & [name]Gwyn[/name] or [name]Ellie[/name] & Gwynnie). I don’t think [name]Dee[/name] sounds that great with it either though, just tried it out since it was my late grandmother’s name. Maybe [name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Dawn[/name] would be better? ([name]Dawn[/name] honors my husband’s father and grandfather “[name]Don[/name]”)

[name]Bridgett[/name] is a beautiful name [name]IMO[/name] but I have yet to convince my husband of this fully…

I voted [name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Dee[/name], but I think [name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Dawn[/name] would be much prettier. And [name]Elle[/name] and [name]Gwen[/name] is adorable. I think the pair work well together.

  • [name]Athena[/name]

It was a toss up between [name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Dee[/name] and [name]Bridgett[/name] [name]Dawn[/name], but I decided I prefer [name]Bridgett[/name] [name]Dawn[/name]. It’s lovley although I agree with aj_bear, [name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Dawn[/name] would of been gorgeous and got my vote. :slight_smile:

I like [name]Devyn[/name] [name]Harmony[/name] best with [name]Elliott[/name] [name]Joy[/name].
I think that since your first daughter has a unisex name giving the second a very feminine one is odd. I also like the symmetry of the virtue names [name]Joy[/name] and [name]Harmony[/name].

I adore [name]Elle[/name] and [name]Gwyn[/name] as sisters! What a beautiful set. Not loving [name]Dee[/name] as a middle. What about:
[name]Day[/name] ([name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Day[/name] sounds sort of old Hollywood to me)

Ok everyone, pretend the third option is [name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Dawn[/name] :slight_smile: Keep voting I love it…gives me more leverage for the name talks with the husband! LOL

I love [name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Dawn[/name]! That definitely gets my vote!

[name]Gwyneth[/name] [name]Dawn[/name] is really great! :slight_smile: I also like [name]Delaney[/name] [name]Hope[/name] actually.