Quick Title Thread

I don’t think this has been done yet, so here we go:

Sometimes, people have a great story idea, but no idea what to do for their title! So, this thread is for all of those people!
Someone will post a quick blurb for their story, and the next person will give them a few title ideas for them to choose from. Then, they can either post a new blurb or let more people think of titles for the last person.

Hopefully, this can help you come up with great titles!

First blurb:
The kingdom of Solinan is in ruins. Almost half of the population is living in the streets, facing consequences of the corrupt rule of the current king, Nathair.

Cainon doesn’t know of the people’s sorrows. Instead hidden far away in a small cottage, learning combat and government for reasons he doesn’t know. He’s unaware of the path set in front of him, and of the magic pulsing through his veins, just waiting to be let out.

Aldver has found a position working under the [name_m]King[/name_m] himself. As the [name_m]King[/name_m]’s footman, it’s in his best interest to keep to himself and not cause any trouble. After all, he would be ruined if anyone ever found out why he always wore a glove.

Racha is stuck on the streets, stealing from the rich for food, threatening them for money. They’re the ones who put her here, and they’re the ones who will have to pay for it.

But when Racha and Aldver both hear word of the [name_m]Prince[/name_m] of the kingdom, long forgotten in the last seventeen years, they rise to the task of finding him and bringing back the true ruler of their kingdom.


I suck at titles so the best I could think of is:

The Return of [name_m]Prince[/name_m] Cainon

The Return of The [name_u]True[/name_u] [name_m]Prince[/name_m]/King/Ruler

The Thief, The Footman, and The Lost [name_m]Prince[/name_m]/King/Ruler

You could also make the title a sort of foreshadow or symbol that appears in the story, or maybe have the title be a “role credits” moment.

(Role credits moment kind of example:

Title: [name_f]Hurricane[/name_f]

Blah blah blah story story blah blah

Mistakes have been made and regreted, and now, they’re standing in the middle of a hurricane.

Chapter ending/chapter break/actual ending)

Sorry if this isn’t helpful at all!

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That’s alright! Thank you so much!

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A girl named Delyssa [name_u]Porter[/name_u], a curious girl is on a mission to find who she really is after Beauvia, a girl who Delyssa thought she was friends with says something. Something that will change the world(or what is left of it) for the worst…

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The titles I could come up with are:

Who (Really) is Delyssa [name_u]Porter[/name_u]?

Rediscovering Yourself/Myself/Delyssa [name_u]Porter[/name_u]

Change The/My World (for The Worst)

The words in () mean that you can add them in or not.

I also repeat what I said about the title being a foreshadow, a symbol or a “role credits” moment!

Hope this helps!

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[name_f]Lo[/name_f] and Behold
Last Word
The Most Important Syllables Anyone [name_u]Ever[/name_u] did Utter (this is a lil long and goofy but I’m not good at coming up with titles when I don’t have a lot of info haha)

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Three [name_m]Little[/name_m] Twigs