I was flipping through a book from A Series of Unfortunate Events and came across a character named [name]Quigley[/name]. It strikes me as a weird, warm, nerdy, quirky last-name-that-could-easily-be-a-first-name. Nameberry, however, describes it as “The spoiled only son of the richest family in town in a fifties movie.”

[name]Do[/name] you like [name]Quigley[/name] as a first name? What is your “image” of the name? Is it too wiggly?

I think of the movie [name]Quigley[/name] Down Under, and then I think of squiggly or the word “quickly,” which sounds pretty close to [name]Quigley[/name].

Hmm…I can’t remember who starred in the [name]Quigley[/name] movie. Was it [name]Tom[/name] Selleck?

[name]Quigley[/name] feels rugged to me, yet at the same time, it does feel wiggly, like you said. Oh! I know what else it reminds me of! In the 1980s, I was obsessed with a show called Fraggle [name]Rock[/name], and the Fraggles had names like Gobo, Mokey, and Wimbley, and I guess that [name]Quigley[/name] has a Fraggle vibe to me. :slight_smile:

I guess I can see [name]Quigley[/name] as a first name, but I like it better in the middle.

Good luck!

Squigley wiggley [name]Quigley[/name]! It’s quirky and fun! It reminds me of [name]Quigley[/name] Down Under too.

Hmm - it’s pretty wiggly! I see it more as a pet name for a mixed breed lab type animal, not for a child. Sorry!