Quinn - gone to the girls?

I am considering the name [name]Quinn[/name] for my second son, but everyone I have mentioned it to considers it a girl name. I know it is technically a “true unisex” name, but do you think that it has unofficially gone to the girls?

I dont think it has, i have always preferred it as a boys name.

I consider it a boy’s name.

No way! It’s a total dude name.

Works either way for me. I’ve known more men with the name than women, if that means anything.

I know a toddler girl named [name]Quinn[/name], but the name has always seemed more boyish [name]IMO[/name]. I’d use it on a guy.

I’ve come to see [name]Quinn[/name] more as a girls’ name, but I’m all for boys taking back the unisex names, and I honestly don’t think it’s gone all girl. In fact, lately I’ve heard it much more for the boys. Maybe if its popularity for girls worries you, use something like [name]Quincy[/name] (although I’ve heard this for girls a lot, too, but I think it makes a cool association to [name]John[/name] [name]Quincy[/name] [name]Adams[/name]…), [name]Quinlan[/name], or [name]Quinton[/name]/[name]Quentin[/name], nn [name]Quinn[/name]?

Good luck!

I have always thought of it of a boy’s name. I have never met a female [name]Quinn[/name] but I do know two adult male Quinns. That being said, I think this recent upswing of it going to the girl side is due to the popularity of Glee and one of the female characters being named [name]Quinn[/name]. I would definitely use it for your little man! I would pick a middle name that is distinctly male though.

I certainly know more male Quinns than female and to me it works for either boy or girl. It’s not like it has a girly sound or anything so I say go for it.

I love it on a boy and hate it on a girl. I think it’s very handsome and so strong! Definitely use it. If it worries you, use an obviously masculine middle.

I like it better on a boy. Go with a decidedly male mn.

I agree with this completely! A girl named [name]Quinn[/name] just seems wrong.

I prefer [name]Quentin[/name] and [name]Quinlan[/name] but I don’t think [name]Quinn[/name] is girly.

Pretty much any boy’s name is occasionally used for girls. I would not not-use a boy’s name I loved because of that, or the pool would be [name]TINY[/name].

[name]Quinn[/name] is all boy.

I, personally, don’t like it on either gender, but it works well for both.

Well it is a last name so it should be a boy’s name, but it appears to have become popular on girls because of the show Glee. I think it’s a boy’s name and I’d much rather meet a little boy [name]Quinn[/name] than a girl.

I’ve always considered it as a male name. Recently it seems like there are more baby girls being named [name]Quinn[/name], but it doesn’t make it not usable for boys.

I know a 13 year old boy named [name]Quinn[/name], and nobody ever thinks of him as having a girls’ name. And the only female [name]Quinn[/name] I know is the Glee character.

I like it much, much better on a boy.

There’s another female [name]Quinn[/name] on an ABC show called “Scandal”. There was also another female [name]Quinn[/name] in the tv show, [name]One[/name] Tree [name]Hill[/name] but it ended last year I think.

I’m a bit of a tv nut so I’ve sort of got used to seeing [name]Quinn[/name] as a girl’s name also. Btw, the pet name “Quinny” somewhat helps with the girls association.