R Girl Names

Help! My friend is expecting a girl and she needs an “R” name (I don’t know why)!

Please help. It is very urgent! For some reason, she wants a name that rhymes with “[name]Ella[/name]”. NO CLUE why.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Tough one!

how about [name]Rafaella[/name] or [name]Rosella[/name]?

good luck :slight_smile:


Others that don’t rhyme with ella but end in a vowel sound…

If you go to “Search for a Name”, than you can choose girls’ names, and then add “R” as the beginning letter, and “[name]Ella[/name]” as the ending letters. Here are some of the ones that I found:


I think some of these names might be better off as middles, however. Good luck to your friend–I hope she finds a name she loves!