Rabbit has a broken leg

if posts like these are not supposed to be here you can delete it but my cat brought in a rabbit today, he ripped a patch of their skin off, and their leg is broken, possibly their back. does anyone have any idea how to fix it? The vet doesn’t open until the morning. But it looks like their slowly dying. please help im desperate.

Oh I’m so sorry :frowning:

I am not an expert, but my instinct would be to maybe wrap the leg and provide water…but I’m not sure. I hope these links will help


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thank you so much!

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Also Update for anyone viewing this we found an emergency hospital!!! and we’re taking them rn!!!


[name_f]My[/name_f] advice is stay away from wild animals :grimacing:

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i wish i could but my cat always brings them in lol. most of the time they’re injured and who’s gonna leave a cold, injured bunny outside to die lol.

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