A friend’s brother and his wife (Scottish, living in [name]Scotland[/name]) had their second son last week and I finally heard his name today - “Rannoch”, a brother for [name]Harris[/name]. Rannoch pronounced with ‘och’ as in ‘loch’, kind of like ‘ohkh’, so “[name]RAn[/name]-nohkh”. With my north american accent I say it more like “[name]Ran[/name]-nick” but I suppose that’s not quite so authentic.

[name]Both[/name] are Scottish place names, [name]Harris[/name] after the island and Rannoch after a beautiful area in Perthshire, [name]Scotland[/name].

I thought it a refreshing change from the usual. I think I’m turning into a name nerd :wink:

Hmm, Rannoch is a nice name. Especially because his parents chose it after a beautiful place. It doesn’t sound made up. Being a name nerd is a thing to be proud of.