Rate my list- inviting your total honesty!

Tolan- this one’s a family name by the way
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name)
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name)
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name)
Falco (middle name)

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name])
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name])
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name])
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name])

Would love to hear a variety of opinions on my naming ideas- honesty wanted. Anything so long as its politely/civilly written is fine with me!
Thanks berries

[name]Eamon[/name] - nms
[name]Willem[/name] - I prefer [name]Wilhelm[/name] and [name]William[/name]
[name]Egan[/name] - nms
[name]Valen[/name] - nms
Tolan- nms
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name) - nms
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name) - sounds too feminine, but ok as a middle
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name) -nms
Falco (middle name) - prefer [name]Falcon[/name]

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - nms
[name]Celia[/name] - nms, prefer [name]Cecelia[/name]
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - just reminds me of [name]Italy[/name]
[name]Xanthe[/name] - nms
[name]Una[/name] - nms
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - sounds too old ladyish, better as a middle
[name]Elsa[/name] - too old ladyish, better as a middle
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - too old ladyish, better as a middle

[name]Eamon[/name] - nms
[name]Willem[/name] - I prefer [name]Wilhelm[/name] and [name]William[/name]
[name]Egan[/name] - nms
[name]Valen[/name] - nms
Tolan- nms
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name) - nms
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name) - sounds too feminine, but ok as a middle
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name) -nms
Falco (middle name) - prefer [name]Falcon[/name]

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - nms
[name]Celia[/name] - nms, prefer [name]Cecelia[/name]
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - just reminds me of [name]Italy[/name]
[name]Xanthe[/name] - nms
[name]Una[/name] - nms
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - sounds too old ladyish, better as a middle
[name]Elsa[/name] - too old ladyish, better as a middle
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - too old ladyish, better as a middle

[name]Eamon[/name] - Its…well, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I guess my first thought was “okay, but I like [name]Eames[/name] better”
[name]Willem[/name] - I like it. Recently learned that in the Netherlands, [name]Willem[/name]'s can go by Pimm, like [name]William[/name]'s go by [name]Bill[/name]!
[name]Egan[/name] - not my style
[name]Valen[/name] - in theory I like it, but I don’t know if I would [name]IRL[/name]
Tolan- don’t care for it
[name]Dietrich[/name] - fine in the middle
[name]Jules[/name] - fine in the middle
[name]Lorne[/name] - don’t really like, reminds me too much of [name]Lorna[/name]
Falco - don’t care for this

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - not my style, but I like it
[name]Celia[/name] - okay, though I prefer [name]Cecily[/name] or [name]Cecelia[/name]
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - I don’t like that spelling and personally don’t like the nn [name]Sissy[/name] at all
[name]Xanthe[/name] - love this
[name]Una[/name] - pretty, although I prefer the [name]Oona[/name] spelling
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - I like [name]Sybil[/name], don’t like [name]Sibby[/name] at all
[name]Elsa[/name] - very pretty
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - I like it

[name]Eamon[/name] - love
[name]Willem[/name] - meh
[name]Egan[/name] - not a fan of surnames, although this isn’t the worst
[name]Valen[/name] - don’t like
Tolan- this one’s a family name by the way - like!
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name) - only in the middle and if you have an ethnic or other relevant connection
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name) - not a fan, but its ok
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name) - ok
Falco (middle name) - don’t really like unless its a family name

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - not a fan
[name]Celia[/name] - like!
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - don’t like the nn, but the fn is good
[name]Xanthe[/name] - nice
[name]Una[/name] - not a fan although i generally like Irish names
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - don’t like, not for any particular reason though
[name]Elsa[/name] - ok
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - ok!

[name]Eamon[/name]- it’s okay.
[name]Willem[/name]- hate it, I much prefer [name]William[/name].
[name]Egan[/name]- don’t like it.
[name]Valen[/name]- it’s okay.
Tolan- don’t like it.
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name)- don’t like it.
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name)- like it.
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name)- love it!
Falco (middle name)- it’s okay. I like [name]Falcon[/name] better.

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name])- I think [name]Theodora[/name] is a beautiful name, but I hate the nickname [name]Dora[/name]. I would probably call her [name]Theo[/name] instead, even though that’s quite masculine.
[name]Celia[/name]- It’s okay.
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name])- It’s pretty.
[name]Xanthe[/name]- I don’t like it.
[name]Una[/name]- I don’t like it.
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name])- I don’t like it.
[name]Elsa[/name]- it’s okay.
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name])- it’s okay.

I’m sorry, I must sound picky!

[name]Eamon[/name], [name]Willem[/name], [name]Egan[/name], [name]Jules[/name], [name]Lorne[/name] and Falco.
[name]Willem[/name] [name]Jules[/name] and [name]Eamon[/name] Falco sound awesome!

[name]Celia[/name], [name]Una[/name], [name]Elsa[/name] and [name]Marnie[/name] (not [name]Marian[/name])
No combos immidiately spring to mind from these. Including the ones I don’t really care for, [name]Una[/name] [name]Xanthe[/name] and [name]Marian[/name] [name]Elsa[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) sound good.

[name]Eamon[/name]- Not my style but I see nothing wrong with it
[name]Willem[/name]- I prefer the [name]William[/name] spelling-- he will too after the hundreds of misspellings.
[name]Egan[/name]- Not my style again; I’m really just not a fan of boy names that start with E.
[name]Valen[/name]- I guess this is okay; nms though.
[name]Dietrich[/name]- I love family names/surnames for boys’ middle names. So, yes.
[name]Jules[/name]- This is looks very feminine to me; perhaps [name]Julian[/name]?
[name]Lorne[/name]- Not a fan at all.
Falco- Looks like a misprint of [name]Falcon[/name].

[name]Theodora[/name]- What about the nn [name]Thea[/name] instead? I worry she will be teased (e.g. [name]Dora[/name] the [name]Explorer[/name])
[name]Celia[/name]- Infinite adoration.
Sicely- I prefer either the place name’s spelling ([name]Sicily[/name]) or [name]Cecily[/name]. It’s a beautiful name though.
[name]Xanthe[/name]- I don’t know how to pronounce this. That’s a good indication that many others won’t either.
[name]Una[/name]- Reminds me of the Spanish number “uno”. Nms.
[name]Sybil[/name]- Sorry, but this name will forever remind me of the book/film [name]Sybil[/name]. Not a good connotation.
[name]Elsa[/name]- I used to babysit a little girl who had this name. She was an angel but I never warmed to the name.
[name]Marian[/name]- Very dated.

I hope this helped! x

[name]Eamon[/name] - [name]Love[/name] this name! :slight_smile:
[name]Willem[/name] - it’s okay
[name]Egan[/name] - like it
[name]Valen[/name] - love it
Tolan- it’s okay
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name) - nms
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name) - nms
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name) - nms
Falco (middle name) - nms

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - nms
[name]Celia[/name] - yes
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - cute!
[name]Xanthe[/name] - unique!
[name]Una[/name] - nms
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - nms
[name]Elsa[/name] - nms
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - It’s okay, but I don’t really like [name]Marnie[/name]

[name]Eamon[/name]- cool Gaelic name
[name]Willem[/name]- prefer [name]William[/name]. If you had Dutch ties [name]Willem[/name] would be OK
[name]Egan[/name]- All I see is the “egg” part
[name]Valen[/name]- looks like a cross between [name]Van[/name] and Halen!! Kind of like it.
Tolan- this one’s a family name by the way Hmmm, not sure, wouldn’t use it myself. Kind of like it.
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name) Makes me think of [name]Marlena[/name]
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name) NMS, too feminine to me as I know a [name]Julie[/name] called [name]Jules[/name].
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name) Kind of interesting, could work.
Falco (middle name) Cool, but not with [name]Valen[/name] as it would be too unusual names together and perhaps a bit much? Prefer [name]Eamon[/name] Falco

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) No way- [name]Dora[/name] is too much of a kids Icon, and personally I am not into [name]Theodora[/name] either as I like [name]Theodore[/name] on a boy
[name]Celia[/name] -know one I detest, so spoilt this name for me. [name]Cecelia[/name] I prefer.
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name])- sounds a bit like [name]Sicily[/name] the Italian place. NMS as I am not keen on place names. [name]Sissy[/name] as a nn is NMS.
[name]Xanthe[/name] [name]ADORE[/name], I know a little [name]Xanthe[/name] and the name is very usable, interesting and short to say
[name]Una[/name] -I don’t like the look of the name, sounds a bit like Uno (1), I prefer longer names.
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) Makes me think of MPD character
[name]Elsa[/name]- prefer [name]Elsie[/name], so if she was called [name]Elsie[/name] I like it.
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) -don’t mind [name]Marnie[/name], sounds like a friendly type of person, [name]Marian[/name] is OK, but I wonder exactly how to say it: [name]Marion[/name]? [name]Maryann[/name]?

[name]Eamon[/name] - I kind of like it <3
Willem - I prefer William, but Willem is okay. It feels a tad incomplete to me, but its probably just because I’m so used to William
Egan -Not a fan, sorry!
Valen - Its cute
Tolan- Its not my style
Dietrich - handsome
Jules - I don’t care for it (on a boy or a girl :stuck_out_tongue: )
Lorne - Its nice
Falco - I feel like its missing an N at the end for whatever reason, like its meant to be Falcon. I’m not sure why <3

Theodora - I love Theodora, so beautiful <3
Celia - Its nice
Sicely - I prefer Sicily spelled this way, but otherwise nice
Xanthe - Not my taste, sorry!
Una - I like it
Sybil - Pretty
Elsa - I really like Elsa, so pretty!
Marian - I’m not the biggest fan of Marian, but I do love Marnie <3

[name]Eamon[/name] - different, but in a good way. nice
[name]Willem[/name] - I prefer [name]William[/name] but [name]Willem[/name] is nice too.
[name]Egan[/name] - Nms. I know some people with this as a last name
[name]Valen[/name] - never heard of this one before. I like it. I more masculine diminutive of [name]Valentine[/name].
Tolan- Nms, sounds too much like a last name.
[name]Dietrich[/name] - very ethnic [name]German[/name] sounding. But if it has significance I could get on board
[name]Jules[/name] - Like!
[name]Lorne[/name] - NMS. Sounds a little like an old man
Falco - I think this is really cool name!

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - I just think [name]Theodora[/name] is adorable! Maybe I’m weird…
[name]Celia[/name] - its alright. I prefer [name]Cecelia[/name] with the nn [name]Celia[/name].
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - NMS. I prefer [name]Cecily[/name] or [name]Cicely[/name]. The “S” spelling makes me automatically think of the place.
[name]Xanthe[/name] - NMS.
[name]Una[/name] - NMS
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - Beginning to like this one. Still reminds me of Prof. Trelawny in HP.
[name]Elsa[/name] - [name]Love[/name]!
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - I like [name]Marian[/name], I love [name]Marianne[/name]! [name]Marnie[/name] reminds me of a Carnie so I don’t like that. But on the plus side [name]Marnie[/name] was the name of the girl from the Disney movie Halloween Town so a lot of people my age might think its cool.

[name]Eamon[/name] - Nms, but could grow on me.
[name]Willem[/name] - I prefer [name]William[/name]
[name]Egan[/name] - Nms
[name]Valen[/name] - If it were a nn for [name]Valentino[/name], then maybe, but alone it’s nms
Tolan- Since it’s a family name, go for it! I personally don’t mind it
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name) - Yes in the mn spot, but I’m not crazy about it as a first name
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name) - Maybe
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name) - Yes! I like [name]Lorne[/name]
Falco (middle name) - Yes in the mn spot.

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - Like it. She could also go by [name]Thea[/name]
[name]Celia[/name] - Like it
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - Nms
[name]Xanthe[/name] - [name]Love[/name] it
[name]Una[/name] - After speaking Spanish for so long, I struggle viewing this as a name instead of part of a sentence.
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - I’ve never been a fan of [name]Sybil[/name].
[name]Elsa[/name] - Like it
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - I love [name]Marnie[/name], [name]Marian[/name] is okay.

I like seeing different names. I probably wouldn’t use any of these, but they are cool and refreshing.

My fave on your boy’s list is [name]Egan[/name]! I love it! Great alternative to [name]Aiden[/name].
Someone I know, knows someone that had a baby girl named [name]Valen[/name]. I adore [name]Val[/name] on a girl. My friend says that they are calling her [name]Vali[/name] for short though.

My fave on your girl’s list is [name]Celia[/name]. I also love that you have [name]Dora[/name], [name]Elsa[/name] and [name]Marian[/name] on your list. [name]Marnie[/name] is a great name that you don’t hear often anymore, so that’s cool too!

I guess those two are not the most exciting and a bit safe, but I can’t see using any of the others, personally. [name]Xanthe[/name] is an awesome name, but seems too futuristic. It might be best in the mn spot.


My favorites on your list are [name]Eamon[/name] and [name]Una[/name] (which I also think would make an amazing sibset!) [name]Eamon[/name] is more of a guilty pleasure name for me; I love it, but I don’t know if I could really pull it off. The English version, [name]Edmund[/name], is high on my list, but I adore [name]Eamon[/name]'s Celtic edge.
At the moment, [name]Una[/name] is my top girl’s name, and I would really use it. As you can see from my sig, I tend to prefer longer names, but [name]Una[/name] packs a punch for such a diminutive moniker. She has roots in Gaelic, Latin and Native American; she has a long and rich history; she’s familiar but underused; she’s delicate and pretty while also resilient. And [name]Una[/name] can be paired with a longer, frillier middle (i.e. [name]Marguerite[/name].)
For the rest, I’d rate them something like this:

  1. [name]Egan[/name]–unusual and refreshing, yet easy to say

  2. [name]Willem[/name]–I too prefer [name]William[/name], but I do like the less-popular [name]Willem[/name]

  3. [name]Dietrich[/name]–great in the middle. I like it as a first, too, especially to honor [name]German[/name] heritage

  4. [name]Jules[/name]–I have heard it as a female nickname, but I wouldn’t worry too much, especially if it’s a mn. What about [name]Jules[/name] [name]Verne[/name]?

  5. Falco–very cool in the middle

  6. Tolan–I’m ok with it. Its similarity to [name]Nolan[/name] might make it confusing. Better in the middle, maybe?

  7. [name]Lorne[/name]–fine in the middle. Not my style

  8. [name]Valen[/name]–I don’t care for this one, sorry. I think he might get lost in the [name]Jayden[/name]/[name]Jaylen[/name]/[name]Jalen[/name] crowd.

  9. [name]Theodora[/name]–a bit long and solemn, but also attractive. I’d give the parents of a baby [name]Theodora[/name] a medal for standing against trendiness (although this type of name does seem ripe for revival.)

  10. [name]Elsa[/name]–short, sweet and not too popular

  11. [name]Marian[/name]–I think she may be ready to come back. [name]Marnie[/name] is cute, too.

  12. [name]Celia[/name]–love the sound but not the meaning; ditto the frillier [name]Cecilia[/name]

  13. [name]Xanthe[/name]–pretty sound, but the spelling looks clunky, and I wouldn’t want to change the spelling just to make it easier

  14. Sicely–I don’t like this spelling, unless you have a special reason for it. I like [name]Cecily[/name] and [name]Cicely[/name], and even [name]Sicily[/name] if you’re naming her after the place (although I don’t like the meaning of [name]Cecily[/name], like [name]Celia[/name].)

  15. [name]Sybil[/name]–I don’t care for this one, sorry. I never have; I don’t like the sound. And when I saw it once spelled Sibble, that made it worse.

Best wishes! You have a couple of nice lists here.

I like [name]Xanthe[/name] and [name]Una[/name] a lot. I prefer your girls’ picks to the boys’ ones, but I’ve never really had much of an interest in boys’ names.

[name]Eamon[/name] - not my taste - would like [name]Easton[/name] or [name]Eaton[/name] better
[name]Willem[/name] - I like it!
[name]Egan[/name] - I like this one as well - it makes me think of a mischievous curly-haired child.
[name]Valen[/name] - it feels short, like it was cut-off - I met a [name]Valor[/name] the other day (child of soldier) and that was pretty cool
Tolan- not my style but fine
[name]Dietrich[/name] - nice
[name]Jules[/name] - fine, always feels more like a nn to me
[name]Lorne[/name] - also fine
Falco - cool name, fun for a middle

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - I like this one a lot, really cute.
[name]Celia[/name] - Nice, solid name.
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - I don’t like the nn but nothing wrong with the whole name
[name]Xanthe[/name] - an interesting X name!
[name]Una[/name] - I read this in a book long, long ago and have always loved it, too.
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - I can only think of the book/movie about the lady that had too many personalities…
[name]Elsa[/name] - I am not a fan, feels too farm-esque
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - [name]LOVE[/name] the nn

[name]Eamon[/name] - Hmm.
[name]Willem[/name] - Looks like [name]William[/name]…misspelled.
[name]Egan[/name] - Def no.
[name]Valen[/name] - Meh
Tolan- this one’s a family name by the way - It’s okay…not horrible, I guess.
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name) - only as a middle name
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name) - Nms
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name) - [name]Don[/name]'t care for it much
Falco (middle name) Yep, sounds too much like a misspelled [name]Falcon[/name].

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - Like [name]Theadora[/name] better, so you can call her [name]Thea[/name] and [name]Dora[/name]
[name]Celia[/name] - It’s all right
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - Like [name]Sicily[/name]?
[name]Xanthe[/name] - Def nms
[name]Una[/name] - sounds like Uno, as in ‘one’
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - Too much [name]Harry[/name] [name]Potter[/name]
[name]Elsa[/name] - Pretty
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - [name]Love[/name] [name]Marnie[/name], dislike [name]Marian[/name].

[name]Eamon[/name] - Right now I find it intriguing. It could grow on me and I could love it (ask again in about three months. lol).
[name]Willem[/name] - nms prefer [name]William[/name] or [name]Wilhelm[/name].
[name]Egan[/name] - nms
[name]Valen[/name] - I know it’s a proper name but it feels like a classy smush for [name]VAn[/name] ha[name]LEN[/name] - no idea why.
Tolan- nms but if it were my family name I’d think it made a great mn.
[name]Dietrich[/name] - too old [name]German[/name] (I am [name]German[/name] and I hate the nn’s that go with it).
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name) - Prefer [name]Julian[/name] or [name]Juliette[/name]
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name) - nms
Falco (middle name) - nms reminds me of the [name]German[/name] musician.
[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name]) - prefer [name]Theodore[/name]
[name]Celia[/name] - pretty but not on my fav list.
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name]) - nms
[name]Xanthe[/name] - definitely nms
[name]Una[/name] - very cute.
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name]) - adore but reminds me of Downton [name]Abbey[/name]
[name]Elsa[/name] - thumbs up.
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name]) - I just think Maid [name]Marian[/name] - nms.

[name]Eamon[/name]- I’m not sure. I think it depends on the pronunciation. Is it Eh-mon, Ee-mon, or Ay-mon? I like Eh-mon, but not so much the other two.
[name]Willem[/name]- [name]Every[/name] time I think about this name, DeFoe’s face pops into my head. He’s a great actor, but not exactly someone I want to see a lot of.
[name]Egan[/name]- Ghostbusters.
[name]Valen[/name]- I don’t love it.
Tolan- Meh.
[name]Dietrich[/name] (middle name)- I don’t like this one at all.
[name]Jules[/name] (middle name)- Meh, again.
[name]Lorne[/name] (middle name)- I like it as a middle. It reminds me of [name]Lorne[/name] [name]Greene[/name]- in a good way.
Falco (middle name)- [name]Rock[/name] me [name]Amadeus[/name].

[name]Theodora[/name] ([name]Dora[/name])- This is lovely
[name]Celia[/name]- Great [name]Simon[/name] and Garfunkel song.
Sicely ([name]Sissy[/name])- Meh.
[name]Xanthe[/name]- This is also lovely, but I don’t know how usable it is.
[name]Una[/name]- NO.
[name]Sybil[/name] ([name]Sibby[/name])- I’ve never been a fan of [name]Sybil[/name]
[name]Elsa[/name]- I prefer [name]Elsie[/name] or [name]Ilsa[/name]
[name]Marian[/name] ([name]Marnie[/name])- [name]Love[/name] [name]Marnie[/name], but [name]Marian[/name] not so much.