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Thank you!!! It is Tseday, not [name_f]Tuesday[/name_f] :slight_smile:

It’s an Amharic name pronounced TSEH-dee. There are very very few Amharic names in the nb database sadly

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Thank you so much for letting me know! I wasn’t confident, so I just wanted to check. Also, thank you for introducing me to a new name, she’s beautiful! This is one of the times that it really shows how much NB lacks in diversity.

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jumps out of the closet

you asked ??

artie orion

the flow is there. the vibes are there. dig it for you !! the only issue is that “orion” always looks like “onion” to me. every time. if that doesn’t bother you, I dig it !!

rupert marigold

wow, I love this !! amazing !! rupert and marigold go so well together and marigold on a boy is ~insert chef’s kiss emoji~ !!

ellery october

okay, I have to tell you— I love ellery. I know some people don’t like it due to its similarity to celery. personally, I find the celery connection endearing. that said, I also adore october !! october “toby” is the dream. this combo is the most unisex combo I’ve seen in a while !! I do prefer it on a boy (to no one’s surprise :joy:) but I quite enjoy it for both !!

jem bryony

I’m very sorry, but I’m just not feeling this one. I’m not a fan of jem on a girl and bryony just sounds like “briny” to me. I like it for you though !!

leander cassius rain

leander is amazing, one of the very best soft boys’ names :relieved:
cassius (pron. CASH-uhs) is amazing, chef’s kiss. love it.
rain on a boy is underused and adorable.
I adore this combo !! very much !!

with the caveat that cassius is pron. CASH-uhs.

perseus courage

the flow is there !! the vibes are there !! I dig it !! perseus “percy” is the dream and courage is such a fun middle !!

iola augustine

I’ve seen iola pronounced eye-oh-la and yo-la, so I’m not sure which you’re using. augustine is a lovely name that fits almost anywhere :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: however, the “uh” sound on the end of iola and the “aug” in the beginning of augustine causes the combo to run into itself a bit.

cleo hypatia

neither is my favorite name but this feels like a very you name and the vibes are definitely there, so I dig it for you !!

fiadh elspeth march

hmm, I’m not sure. elspeth and march have the same vibe, but fiadh doesn’t seem to vibe with either one. march is also solidly masc in my head !!

araminta blackbird

this flows very well !! the vibes are very reddish/brown and black and they go together. I love this one !!

diana theodosia

hmm, the fact that both of these names end in “a” is throwing me off. otherwise, I like it :blush:

mara lovelace

just not feeling this one. mara isn’t for me— it seems… incomplete ?? lovelace is sweet, perhaps too sweet. the 2-2 flow and the stress of the syllables causes this combo not to flow very well.

rutherford lazarus frey

adore it !! no complaints !! amazing !! love seeing frey !!

percy fitzwiliam truth

oh wow, I love it !! fitzwiliam and truth are both lovely, underused gems. I adore it but— consider— perseus fitzwilliam truth ??

meriwether vivendel russ

:open_mouth: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

I’m amazed !! this is beautiful !!

sasha evander joy

beautiful !! flows very well, the vibes are there. I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

remus lionel sage


I have nothing but good to say about this one :revolving_hearts:

albie jupiter

I adore jupiter and I think albie is a good choice for you, but the vibes seem to clash— the sleek jupiter doesn’t really go with the sweet albie.

evanthe amoret fern

lovely !! flow is very good and the name seems cohesive. love it !!

stevie franziska

amazing :sob: stevie on a girl is so spunky and fresh and franziska is such a cool complement for her :pleading_face:

leto dianthe

it feels ?? incomplete ?? maybe it’s just me but it feels like it isn’t finished. nice, though !!

bly ariadne courage

love, you know how I feel about this one :wink: :heart:

minerva heloise fay

it’s cool and it flows well and the vibes seem pretty cohesive, just not my favorite names :grin:

abra eugenie opal

eugenie might not be a nickname name, but it feels like a nickname name and so it seems like it should go in the first name spot ?? abra is interesting— I prefer alba, though :wink:

marnie philippa rue

it flows well, but the vibes clash (: philippa rue is darling, though !!

pippa rhiannon sage

love it !! flow is good, vibes are there, I love it !!

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