Real life popularity of Lincoln

Barring something really inspiring we’ve settled on [name]Lincoln[/name].
I’ve heard that it’s rising in popularity due to the movie out by the same name, etc.
I’m in [name]Canada[/name] and wondering whether this name is popular/ getting more popular where you are (specifically in [name]North[/name] [name]America[/name]).

I am in the UK so not sure how relevant this is, but I know an 18 year old called [name]Lincoln[/name] and everybody seems to love his name.

I love in [name]Canada[/name] too (what part do you live in?)
I’ve only ever met one [name]Lincoln[/name], who is probably about 10 years old now, so I’d say it’s not that popular here

I only know one I think. He’s almost 2 years old.

I’m in NZ so I’m nt sure how helpful this is but I only know one [name]Lincoln[/name] who’s about three

In the US and know of one [name]Lincoln[/name] who is about three years old. At first I baulked at the name but love it now.

I live in [name]Canada[/name] (more specifically, Toronto) and I haven’t met any Lincolns or heard of anyone naming their baby [name]Lincoln[/name].

I only know a girl named [name]Lincoln[/name], I’ve never ran into anyone else with the name, love the name though!!

I’ve never met a [name]Lincoln[/name].

I’m in the US (east coast) and know one [name]Lincoln[/name], who is about 2 years old. I have loved this name ever since I read a book with a main character named [name]Lincoln[/name] – nn [name]Linc[/name]! SO cute! :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine the movie will make this name more popular. The movie is about the president, right? So it’s not like people haven’t already heard of him and are very familiar with him. I just don’t see this name turning into an [name]Aidan[/name] or anything even remotely close. I say go for it!

I’m on the [name]West[/name] Coast and I can think of at least four little [name]Lincoln[/name]'s off the top of my head all under the age of 6. It’s a pretty popular name in my area (in the top 100 of my state) but I love it, I love it’s connection to Abraham [name]Lincoln[/name] as well as the cool nn [name]Link[/name] (which I love because of Hairspray)

[name]Brooklyn[/name] NY I know one who is 6

I only recently met a 5-year old [name]Lincoln[/name] (I live in western [name]Canada[/name]) - he was so cute, it really made me like the name! they called him [name]Linc[/name] too. I’m sure it’s getting more popular, but I don’t think it’s ever going to be a super common name. apparently it’s #178 on the popularity charts, so take that how you will I guess.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

We’ve had such a hard time coming up with a boy’s name. Now that we’ve found one we can live with I’ve heard of two Lincolns under the age of 5. Neither are in our circle, more like friends of acquaintances.
I was getting a little scared but it’s good to hear that there isn’t a whole crew of Lincolns running around.

I am in the Southeast US and know one [name]Lincoln[/name] - he’s about 2 years old. I first started loving the name when I watched Prison Break! Great name.

I live in Seattle and there are two [name]Lincoln[/name]'s at my son’s pre-school. They’re ages 4 and 5. 5 years ago i had never heard of a single child with the name.

I live in a not-so-hip area that usually takes awhile for trends to pick up, yet I already know 3 Lincolns under the age of three. Maybe it’s just my area, but it seems to be rising pretty rapidly.

I have an adult brother named [name]Lincoln[/name], nn [name]Linc[/name]. I’ve only ever met one other [name]Linc[/name] in my life.

Family in [name]Florida[/name] used it for their youngest boy, he is 2 or 3 now. But here in Kentucky I haven’t ran into any

I’m in the Midwest and I don’t know any Lincolns. It doesn’t seem like a name that would be hot in my area though. Most of the names here are rhymes with [name]Aidan[/name] names.