Recommendations for a baby carrier

We purchased a cheap baby carrier before [name_f]Alice[/name_f] was born and I’ve found that it causes a previous back injury to flare up. I would like to buy one with more back support but don’t know which to go with. Which ones worked for you or what have you tried and disliked? Thank you for any help you can give!

I absolutely love our Ergo Performance. I have been using it since [name_f]Rosie[/name_f] was about five months old so never used the newborn insert that came with it (you probably won’t either!). It is amazing. [name_f]Rosie[/name_f] is over 30 pounds now and we still use it every day to get to/from work on public transport. I barely feel her in it, and when she was smaller it was like she wasn’t there at all. She loves it too. Used to be the only place she would sleep. I couldn’t live without this thing. I really don’t know what we’re going to do when she reaches the weight limit as she hates being in the pram!

The Ergo Performance only does front carry facing you, side carry (not comfortable at all), and back carry which I like but [name_f]Rosie[/name_f] doesn’t. The Ergo 360 does the front outward facing if that’s something you’re interested in.

We had an original [name_u]Baby[/name_u] [name_m]Bjorn[/name_m] when [name_f]Rosie[/name_f] was first born because it was cheap and it was awful. No support at the waist so it pulled at the shoulders. Plus it wasn’t as good for her hips.

We have the original Ergo and so far the only downside is it’s hard to clip the back by yourself (if you do it properly). But since I’m home alone with no one to reach back there, I just moved the clip up more so I can reach to clip it (plus I’m not wearing it for long periods of times). My husband says he has no idea how anyone can bend that way on their own, lol, but if we ever use it for an outing or long period of time, we’ll have one or the other adjust the back straps to be in the “proper” spot.

We have a Manduca and it was really good whilst we used it. In theory it is good for toddlers as well as babies but in reality I don’t think my toddler would put up with it anymore (she won’t sit in a pushchair or her bike trailer for very long either, she wants to walk, also hates car journeys much over 20 mins so that’s just her personality). She liked it fine before she could walk - it is clearly very well designed to be comfortable for the child and the adult and is a high quality product.

It never gave me any issues with my back or shoulders, very comfortable and very adjustable. We never really got the hang of the back carry but that was just lack of dedication on our part, I’m sure it was easy enough! The front carry was good for a long time. The only thing I found uncomfortable was how hot it makes you in slightly warmer weather, but that is probably just an unavoidable side affect of strapping a warm baby to your chest!

I’m pregnant with my first, but I have experience babywearing with the little boys I used to babysit. I loved loved loved the Ergo 360 and will be getting one for our little one! I carried a 14 month old in it for a few hours and was comfortable the entire time! I even occasionally also picked up and carried his 2.5 year old brother on my hip (the baby in the carrier was forward facing on my front). I highly recommend the Ergo 360!

I agree Ergo’s are the comfiest I’ve used.

Interesting, we have an Ergo 360 and, though I’ll be using it again this time round as they’re expensive(!), I haven’t been that impressed.

I find it bulky, hot and very awkward to put on unless someone is there to help. You can’t quickly layer up or down while out on a walk because it’s too bulky to put coats etc. over the top so you either have to stop and take the whole kit and caboodle off or just grin and bear it. I also found the waistband always rode up or down no matter how tightly I fastened it because of the weight of the baby, and my neck and shoulders would always end up aching after a while despite the waistband. Plus, the weight distribution feels way out front, especially with the baby in front-outward-facing position.

I’ve never known anyone actually use the side-hip position because it’s just too awkward and uncomfortable, not to mention terrible for your back having a weight strapped to one side like that. And when the baby is on your back they are way down and can’t see anything! My daughter hated that, which is lucky because there’s no way you could safely put the baby in and get the carrier on in that position anyway - you definitely need someone else to help.

I did like the security of the Ergo for a newborn because it does feel very robust, and the newborn insert is cosy (though very padded and warm if you’re having a summer baby). It’s washable too, which is a bonus, but I found it went a bit saggy and faded after only a couple of washes.

I will be using it again this time because it’s one of the pricier carriers and apparently gives the baby a lot of support and good posture compared to other carriers, but I’m intending on getting a lightweight sling too for quick trips out because the Ergo really is a faff.

Thank you ladies for all your input. It’s been very helpful!

I had a [name_m]Moby[/name_m] wrap and a Sleepy Wrap (Sleep wraps now have a new name) for my twins. They were awesome but took some time to tie so for the third baby I opted to get an Ergo (original). I really liked it. I can understand that people found it tricky to close on your own but I figured out a pretty good system to get it on in the right spot on my own. My baby loved it (she was nearly 10 pounds and could basically hold her head up from birth so we didn’t use the newborn insert long, like 3 days). It was a lifesaver for getting her to nap while I was keeping my 3.5 year old twins occupied either outside or around the house. I bought the weather cover for it which solves the problem of needing to close a jacket over it. I highly recommend it! She was toasty warm even here in the Swedish winter (weather cover + layers!). We even had to take her to Stockholm to get her citizenship and didn’t want to deal with the stroller on public transit so I wore her for something like 12 hours basically straight and while I was tired my back wasn’t sore. It was amazing.
We also have used it for our older kids when they are too tired to walk. I don’t know if I would use it any more for them (they are 50 lbs now) but until maybe last fall when they were just over 5 I used it for one of my sons regularly. Having him strapped to my back meant I knew precisely where I had him. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your choice!

I highly recommend the MiaMily Hipster. It has great back support, can be worn 9 different ways and has a built-in seat for babes to help them have the right hip-joint orientation.

We have been super happy with ours. It comes with an infant insert for the beginning and can use used up to toddlers.

[name_f]Tula[/name_f]. I use mine constantly with my nine month old.
I used a stretchy Boba wrap when she was newborn and switched to the [name_f]Tula[/name_f] when she was about four months.
I can’t recommend [name_f]Tula[/name_f] highly enough.

We have used an Ergo, a [name_m]Moby[/name_m] and a ring sling with our five-month-old.

Ergo: We felt he outgrew the infant insert quickly, but was not well-supported by the little seat cushion, even though it’s designed to be used when transitioning from the insert to the carrier alone. Once he was big enough for just the carrier, it was a better fit. I’d recommend this more for bigger/older babies. Our guy naps like a champ in the Ergo, and it’s sturdy and cozy. I like using it for long walks on the trails and through town. It will probably be uncomfortably hot in the summer. I like the roomy zip-up pocket on the front - it’s big enough to hold my phone, wallet, keys, and a couple of dog things if we’re walking the pup. It is a little cumbersome - I don’t really have the reach/ease of movement to do chores while I carry him in front - but friends whose kids can be carried on their backs rave about this carrier. If you share the Ergo with another babywearing parent/caretaker, it can be time-consuming to re-adjust the straps every time you switch, but putting it on gets easier with practice.

[name_m]Moby[/name_m] wrap: nope. I tried this out a few times but the wrap never felt secure. It rolled up on itself, it rode up on my belly, it felt like it loosened up as we walked around. I wanted to like this one because, especially when my baby was really little, the thick, stretchy fabric held him close and comfortable, but I was always worried it would loosen suddenly and he’d tumble out.

[name_m]Ring[/name_m] sling: we use a linen ring sling from a company called [name_m]Wild[/name_m] [name_u]Bird[/name_u], I believe. It took a while to figure out how to wear this properly, but I love it for its simplicity and my boy loves it because he has a great view around. I use it for quick errands and for times I need a better range of movement. It’s much easier to adjust it for larger and smaller caretakers, or for when you need to take it off and put it back on several times in one trip. As with the Ergo, I have only used it in the basic front-carry position so far.

If this is helpful information, I’m 5’9", pretty broad, and have a DD chest right now (nursing). My baby is now 5 months, weighs ~17 pounds, and is ~25" long. When he was much smaller (nb-3 months, ish), I felt like both the Ergo and the ring sling were uncomfortable for both of us, as he was squished against my chest. He loved when I carried him in my arms, or when my flat-chested partner used the carriers, but he fussed for a long time if I tried them. Now, like I said, we use both carriers often, and he sleeps for ages in the Ergo and likes to look around in the ring sling.

I think the best thing you can do is borrow carriers from friends and try them out until you find the ones that work best for you and your baby. I got the [name_m]Moby[/name_m] as a hand-me-down from a friend and was so glad not to have shelled out $50 for something we used maybe five times. If you don’t have a lot of friends with kids, maybe try a parents’ group that meets up nearby or organizes online. You can get great second-hand carriers for cheap or free.

I wanted to update my review of the Ergo and the ring sling, now that summer’s in full swing here.

[name_m]Just[/name_m] like I thought, the Ergo is uncomfortably hot in warmer weather. We’ve had a few weeks of 70/80/90-degree heat and even on the 70-degree days, the little guy and I are both sweaty and overheating after ten minutes. I’ve had to turn around or take him out of the carrier (and walk home with him in my arms with the carrier still on me) more than once. It’s frustrating for all of us! I was so excited to try to carry him on my back, but I can’t seem to adjust the straps appropriately. He ends up way too low on my back unless I position the hip belt above my waist, which is, of course, not the right place for it. Forget the hip carry. All in all, the Ergo seems limited to cooler weather and the front carry position - not nearly as versatile as we had hoped it would be.

The ring sling has been perfect in this heat. I sing its praises. It is quick and easy to use, it keeps both the baby and the parent comfortable and cool, it packs easily into a purse or bag. I’ve started using it in the hip carry position and it gets thumbs up for that.

I’m debating either a second ring sling or a [name_f]Tula[/name_f], but I wonder if the [name_f]Tula[/name_f] would have the same downsides as the Ergo.

I have a [name_f]Tula[/name_f] Coastal baby carrier. It does front facing you and back carry. My daughter is six weeks old and so I use the newborn insert.

I absolutely love it. It’s pretty easy to use and it doesn’t hurt my back or shoulders. I didn’t really use a baby carrier with my first little one, but am so glad that I have one for this baby. She is a colicky thing too, so it definitely helps with that.

As others have said it does get hot wearing baby, but I think it’ll be hot regardless of which you go with.

@seedsandstones thanks for the review! I’ve been following MyWildBird ring slings on instagram and have been wanting to get one! I live in AZ and it’s getting HOT now so I’m glad it works in the heat.

I have a baby K’tan wrap and loved it for when he was a newborn. But now He’s growing out of it he’s 8 months now and weighs 23 pounds. It starts hurting my back after like 20 min.

I’ve borrowed a Lillebaby carrier and that seemed to have good back support.

You should see if there’s a moms group in your area that has baby carriers meetings. I think it’s called babywearing international. My sister is on a group on FB that meets every once in a while and they have all different carriers you can try to see what you like, also gives you a chance to meet other moms in your area.

We have the ergobaby adapt and love it!

It depends a little on where you live but there are many different types of carriers. Slings both snug and ring are great for young ones and a little extra support for your arms, I’ve had good luck with these for casual use, like standing in church, its something you can just have over your shoulder. Wraps are great too, there are stretchy and then there are woven, stretchy are good for about six months, more hands free and you can be functional with a young baby. Woven wraps you can also tie however but the hold more weight and eve up to the toddler years, you can do very secure ties that keep your back steady, typically however I don’t use a wove as I dont have the time to put it on by that age… soft structured carriers are a quicker option bu like you said its hit or miss… you want something for your back and their back and hip development. Ergo has many great options and [name_f]Tula[/name_f] is similar but I like the fabric and cut a little better, have broad shoulders and am very tall and my babies are big hefty Viking children… seriously I have had t have back surgery… I cannot carry them around and I have to use a carrier often. [name_f]Tula[/name_f] also makes an lovely toddler carrier and they have some darling prints. I would recommend seeing if your area has a lending library or a store that sells cloth diapers… those places likely will let you try on some carriers and then you can see what fits you both best, not everything works for every body type. Congrats on the little one and I hope you find something that works well soon.

Thank you ladies for all your help!