Repeated Habits

Everybody has random habits that don’t make sense to anyone but you. Like obsessively checking you emails, washing your hands repeatedly, getting back on NB( me!!:joy:) Wether or not there silly things you do or if they are a routine, you can list them here free of judgment! Personally I feel the need to go out to my garden at least once a day and I just HAVE to write every few days or I go crazy!
This thread is just for fun and for anyone to list any odd habits they have.
(By the way I have no absolute clue if anyone has created a thread like this!:wink:)

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I like to organise my clothes in colour order in my wardrobe when i’m bored :joy:

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I have wayyyyyy too many of these so I’ll just give you a few now

I always eat hamburgers like this and have since age 4 :joy: (but my hotdogs I eat normally)

The bottom bun
The top bun with all the condiments
The pickles
The patty and cheese

I always read the copyright page of my books

Before I start a book I read the last 1-5 words

I don’t read my fortune until I eat the whole cookie. THen I read it silently and if anyone else wants to read it I ask them to read it silently. I’m not superstitious and I don’t even believe in fortunes I just…do that :joy:

I keep all the cards I have recieved since my 4th Birthday in my room and sometimes just read them. Our family keeps most of our cards anyway, but in the basement. I am the only one who keeps them in her room.

When anyone’s phone, computer, ipad…any touchscreen device is dirty (the screen has smudges or streaks) I clean it. I wipe off my computer with my shirt or something at least thrice a day.

Cracking my fingers and ankles - several times a day

I wet my toothbrush before and after I put toothpaste on it. This often results in the toothpaste sliding off but I still do it :woman_facepalming:

I remember the most random things. I take note of what necklaces people are wearing and what food the person next to me is eating. I remember that we sat at a yellow table and one, two, three, four groups of people came down that sidewalk path behind us while we ate lunch with Mrs. [name_u]Andrea[/name_u] on [name_f]Tuesday[/name_f]. I also remember the name of the instagram handle of the artist of the window chalk painting from that day. But I can’t remember numbers. Any kind of numbers I can’t remember at all.

Sometimes I will take 15 minutes out of my day just to walk back and remember who had those dang clear white round glasses. Seriously. If I just remember a hair color of a person who said something in a TV show I cannot rest until I figure out who. I will think and think and think and think and think some more until I dig it up from the recesses of my brain.

When I try to remember what I was just doing, it takes a bit. I close my eyes, put my hands to my temples, lower my head and pace around, while whispering things to myself like this “i was getting something out of the refrigerator. What was it? Was it fruit? No.” until I remember things.

Yes. Seriously.


OOH another thing I do is, whenever it’s sanitary, I feel things with my mouth. It’s very weird, I know, but it just…um…i don’t know

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I do both of these as well! Actually, I used to read the whole last page of a book first, but then it turned into me reading sometimes the page right before because thats where the sentence started. And then I was intrigued so I’d read the page before that. And now I read books completely out of order and piece it together as I go! I find them much more enjoyable that way.


This is barbaric! :scream:


@futuremama I might do that with articles and papers, but never with books and especially not fiction. I am very sequential in reading those kinds of things,

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I just can’t read books linearly. I get so bored and lose interest very quickly. It’s actually easier for me to comprehend and keep track of what’s happening when I read it out of order.


I have a sibling that eats that way!:joy:

Oh definitely! Then I can see if the book has a good ending and if it does I’ll continue reading it.

Ummm… yeah I do that too!:joy: I thought I was just weird but I’ve kept all the letters, b-day cards, and other scraps of paper that have something written on it that was given to me.
And the whole forgetting thing is annoying. Like I seriously can’t really remember what I did yesterday lol. But I can remember years ago to insane detail which weirds out my family.
Here are some more odd habits
I need to read something before bed or else I will never fall asleep.
I feel the need to fold laundry a lot. Not out of being helpful but out of I can’t stand seeing it being piled up on a couch then being tossed off and then it gets dirty.
And one more for fun,
I brush my hair at least three times a day, yep.

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I keep cards in my bedroom in a box too :slight_smile:

Other habits I have:
When I get a piece of meat in a restaurant I turn it over to check how cooked it is on the other side.
I really like having a hot drink when I do thinking work (like hot tea or coffee) but I often get so absorbed that it gets cold and I still drink it anyway.
I hate to admit how addicted I am to my phone and email in general. I do get anxious if I don’t check it.
I find myself more and more googling different things related to tv shows and movies I am watching at home as I watch them and sometimes find that more interesting than the show. This apparently annoys other people I am watching it with when I want to share it with them :slight_smile:
I tie my hair back and let it down at least 3-4 times a day and maybe more unless I have to keep it back just because I get bored with it one way or the other.
I always clean my teeth in the same order using an electric toothbrush (30 seconds per quadrant)
I always lock the car door at least 3 or 4 times more than I need to.
When at home I always rinse a clean glass out before pouring a drink into it, but it never bothers me when I am outside.
I am somewhat addicted to Scrabble and play against the computer almost every day on my iPad.


I love this topic.

1: I love observing people around me… it’s weird… but remembering

Same! (Most times)
Checking NB obsessively. It’s hard not too

Elena, we are so alike…
Retieing and untying my braids constantly

Checking my email. Lots.
I’ll come back later because I have millions of these!


I obsessively plan/fantasize about my future life (especially when I listen to music) :flushed:


@MG1257 this reminded me that I am an obsessive list maker. The problem is I make them on different devices, applications, on paper, etc. But it does help me to get my thoughts out of my head and onto something where I can see them.


That’s usually when I go into my “story.” I have an ongoing story in my head - one of my escapism tendencies


@futuremama: Yup! It’s the exact same with me! I zone out a ton in socially stressful situations to help cope with my anxiety.


Same for these. Also, when I watch a tv series on Netflix or Disney+ or something, I don’t watch them in order. I kind of read the titles and short summaries and then just watch the ones I feel like watching. [name_f]My[/name_f] family thinks I’m incredibly weird :joy:

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No! :grin:

I always read the last 2 page before I start (or a short time after I start). [name_m]Don[/name_m]’t know why.


Okay here goes!

  1. Whenever I get new things I lay them out and just stare at them for a VERY long time. I do this with pencils, pens, clothes etc.

  2. I always save the best bite of food on my plate for last.

  3. I smell my books… :shushing_face:

  4. Whenever I go into a room in my house with a couch I run and fall face first on it. Then I get up and do whatever I needed to to. hehe

  5. When I watch movie where someone is holding their breath underwater I hold my breath too just to see if I could survive in that sistuation. I sometimes even do it without realizing!

  6. I know so many people talk to themselves but I can assure you that you do not do it as much as me. I was talking to myself while writing this.

  7. This is something that runs in the family- I sing songs about everything. Example: ooooh yeah oh yeaaaah im gettin’ some rice, gettin’ some rice, I am geeeeeetttttin’ some RIIIIIIIIIICCCCCE, oooh yeeeeeeaaaaaaah.

there are many more but I feel I should stop before I break Nameberry


You are me are shockingly similar, I do almost of those things that you mentioned @Rainbowflowers :joy: