Reply window glitching

Am I the only one for whom the reply window is a nightmare? The screen is split in half and I can’t browse down or get to the end of a comment to add or modify something (this part of my message I’ blindly typing because the screen stopped at “add”). The curser doesn’t work either.Oh and now the send button doesn’t show either so Idont evenknow if I’ll be able to post this?

[name_f]Edit[/name_f] : the only way I was able to get the post button to show in the end was by turning my phone on the side so the screen would show horizontally - still glitching horribly

I’ll look into this!

What device and browser are you using?

Were there any ads showing when you have this problem?

Is it happening every time?

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I’m on iOS/Safari
Yes, it is every time I try to write something on NB
And no ads
Thank you!

I had this same problem when my nameberry was somehow accidentally switched to the “desktop” version

You can switch that right here, if it’s set to desktop then the circled text will say “mobile” view

good luck!! :bouquet:


[name_m]Ah[/name_m] that could be it! We haven’t been able to recreate this @Eirime so please try the suggestion above and let me know if this persists.

Thank you so much! That was indeed the problem!

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