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So I have a few posts here asking for advice on a first name to go with middle name [name]Thor[/name]. Our intention was to call him [name]Thor[/name] but have a classic first name for him to fall back on if [name]Thor[/name] becomes too much to live up to. But several of you said that if I like [name]Thor[/name] so much I should use it as the first name. And what happens the first time I meet another parent who named his boy [name]Thor[/name]? [name]Man[/name], I would be full of regret and jealousy!

After tossing around lots of middles, we’ve come up with this:
[name]Thor[/name] [name]Leopold[/name] [name]Johnson[/name]

[name]Leopold[/name] honors my wife’s [name]German[/name] heritage. There is also environmentalist [name]Aldo[/name] [name]Leopold[/name], and we are slightly granola. Okay, what do you think? (I won’t be mad if you don’t like it) :slight_smile:

I like [name]Leopold[/name] as a first name and would go with [name]Thor[/name] as a middle name. There is a chance that your son might not love [name]Thor[/name] as a first name quite as much as you do…you know, when he’s old enough to meet women, apply for important jobs, that sort of thing. It’s a strong name and nothing at all wrong with it, I just wouldn’t choose it for a first name. [name]Leopold[/name] is classic and not overly popular so I think it’s a great choice!

I appreciate the feedback and will be interested to see what others here think. I’m open minded to flipping them. But In defense of “[name]Thor[/name]”…

  1. I have been testing names for the past few years by leaving them at restaurants and other places where your name is called. [name]Thor[/name] always gets a positive reaction. The best reaction I got was from a manager of a Jamba Juice in [name]Hawaii[/name] who said, “[name]Thor[/name]? God of thunder! You look like [name]Thor[/name]!!!” Sweet.
  2. They usually ask if it’s my real name. I don’t want him to have to sheepishly say, “well, it’s my middle name.”
  3. I have an extremely common name and would really like the child/man to have something bold.
  4. [name]Thor[/name] Hushovd is one of the best cyclists in the world and his fellow racers recently voted his the “coolest name in the peleton”.
  5. I worry about the rule, “the world is bigger than you are”. Despite what we call him, on the first day of school when the teacher calls role and the other kids hear that his first name is [name]Leopold[/name], he’ll from then on be known as [name]Leo[/name].

I love the name [name]Thor[/name]. Would you be pronouncing it with the TH or just T sound?

I have met a couple school age boys with the name [name]Thor[/name] and they just love it. I say go for it!

I like it!

I wouldn’t use it personally but if I met a [name]Thor[/name] [name]Leopold[/name] I would think he had an interesting and distinguished name, and from all that you posted before it seems to suit your style (and your wife’s) very well.

So I say go for it! I always think significance (family/meaning etc) is one of the most powerful factors in whether a person likes their name or not. Plus, if you love it so much, and it means a lot to you, there is a good chance he will too :slight_smile:

I love the name [name]Thor[/name]! We considered it for our first son, and may still use it in the future. My brother in law occasionally goes by it as a nickname as well.

I live in a heavily Scandinavian area and went to school with a [name]Thor[/name] so it doesn’t seem out of place at all to me.
(The [name]Thor[/name] I knew was a nice guy-- not Olympian by any means, but athletic and very popular). It’s funny how a name that on paper or in cyberspace seems “far out” becomes very normal when it’s on a real person.

[name]Thor[/name] [name]Leopold[/name] flows nicely; I’m not a huge fan of [name]Leopold[/name] but I do think it’s a nice classic “fall back” name in case your son decides to go by it later on. I love that it’s in honor of a family member and influential figure in your life too.

You sound like you absolutely love the name and that’s what matters! Go for it!

I love [name]Thor[/name]. One of my favorite [name]German[/name] actors is named Thore, and he’s very talented and revolutionary. Not to mention handsome…It’s on my list of favorite names! If your son dislikes it he could always resort to [name]Leo[/name].

I think [name]Thor[/name] [name]Leopold[/name] is wonderful! [name]Do[/name] you live in a big city (or a smaller town that’s cool with unusual names)? Then I don’t see it being an issue at all.

[name]Love[/name] it! It’s unique but accesible and handsome, I say go for it! I can see any little boy loving the name [name]Thor[/name].

When I worked in a daycare years ago, there was a baby [name]Thor[/name]. He was so cute and I liked his name. If that is the name you love, then use it.

Good luck!

Ya’ll really know how to tell a guy what he wants to hear. Now let’s hope it’s a boy! Ha! Guess I better get to work on a girl’s name.

I think that [name]Thor[/name] [name]Leopold[/name] is very, very cool, not to mention handsome. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I don’t like [name]Thor[/name] that much, but I do appreciate how original it is. I am drawn to Scandinavian names, too, even when I would never choose them myself. But I just love [name]Leopold[/name] nn [name]Leo[/name]. It is one of my favorites!

If you have a daughter, you could name her [name]Thora[/name]. I think [name]Thora[/name] is lovely. The “a” at the end really softens [name]Thor[/name].

I love it!

[name]Love[/name] it! And, if he just can’t take [name]Thor[/name], [name]Leo[/name] is a great fall-back! ([name]Both[/name] are going to take a boy with a bit of spunk and confidence to him, though…)

I’ve been folowing your different posts & really like it better than [name]Henry[/name], [name]Andrew[/name] or [name]Max[/name]. [name]Love[/name] that you keep up with people’s posts and update everyone as you process their ideas.

It’s a good strong name & if you were going to call him [name]Thor[/name] anyway, why not?

Go for it.

Yes! [name]Susan[/name] I totally agree, [name]Thora[/name] would be AMAZING if it’s a girl.

I think it’s cool! Go for it!

I really like [name]Thor[/name]! I’ve also got a lot of Scandinavian blood in me, and [name]Thora[/name] has always been a secret favorite of mine if I ever had a girl. I think [name]Thor[/name] [name]Leopold[/name] is a very strong name. I agree that “[name]Leo[/name]” would be almost inevitable if you used it as a first name, so I’d go with [name]Thor[/name] as a first.

I think it is a great combo.