Rhea, Rhianna

I was thinking about using this name but, I’m not quite sure. It’s very uncommon name right different name right. I was thinking also, [name]Rhianna[/name] and have her nickname be [name]Rhea[/name], Rhi? Thoughts on the name? Combo of choice. [name]Rhianna[/name] [name]Michela[/name] [name]Rhea[/name] [name]Michela[/name]?

I love [name]Rihanna[/name] so I immediately think of her. I guess it’s like meeting a girl named [name]Madonna[/name] or [name]Kesha[/name] it just would make me figure the parents were fans.

Maybe [name]Rhianon[/name]?

I loathe [name]Rihanna[/name] sometimes :expressionless: But, I had this friend who I went to school with name [name]Rhianna[/name].

My thoughts exactly.

And when I say I love [name]Rihanna[/name] I do not mean I love her enough to name my babies after hahaa

I loathe her… She’s a change from how she was in the beginning

[name]Rhea[/name] is very nice. I really dislike [name]Rihanna[/name]. People would think of her and I think there is so much she represents I definitely do not want anyone to associate with my kids name or think I named my daughter after her. Going back to your abusive boyfriend, explaining “I like bad boys”, dancing half naked at age 17, twitter drunk pics to your underaged fans all the time, could go on and on… I just think she’s incredibly stupid. So yeah, not usable for me, [name]Rhea[/name] is lovely.

Ditto what Taz and Taylorblueskye said, but also, I’ve always said [name]RAY[/name]-uh when pronouncing [name]Rhea[/name], so any “ee” sounds bother me, including [name]Rihanna[/name], excluding [name]Rhiannon[/name]. [name]Rhiannon[/name] is gorgeous.

I really love [name]Rhiannon[/name]. I think it’s feminine and tough, and I can picture it on nearly any type of person. [name]Rihanna[/name] is a one-person name to me, and [name]Rhea[/name] is fine but not my favorite.

[name]Rihanna[/name] annoys me b/c now people will always think [name]Rhianna[/name] is a messed up spelling of her name, when they’re two different names, in different languages. [name]Rhianna[/name] is beautiful.