Would you take [name_m]Rhett[/name_m] off your list?

It rhymes with my father’s name, which is also my middle name - [name_u]Brett[/name_u].

My name is [name_u]Ashley[/name_u], and my moms name is [name_f]Tara[/name_f].

In a perfect world, I would’ve used [name_u]Brett[/name_u] as our daughter’s middle name. But my husband does not like masculine or unisex names for girls. We compromised by deciding to use [name_u]Brett[/name_u] in the middle spot for a boy. Of course if we used [name_m]Rhett[/name_m] as a first name, we would not use [name_u]Brett[/name_u] as the middle name.

I think [name_m]Rhett[/name_m] is great! It would be fun to use [name_m]Rhett[/name_m] as a tie to both you and your mother!

So cute!!!

I think it depends how much you want [name_u]Brett[/name_u] as an honour name. If you only had one boy, would you prefer the first name [name_m]Rhett[/name_m] or middle name [name_u]Brett[/name_u]? I would keep it on your list for now though. I like it a lot.

I prefer [name_u]Brett[/name_u] over [name_m]Rhett[/name_m].

I prefer [name_m]Rhett[/name_m] over [name_u]Brett[/name_u]. Sounds much more handsome than sporty.