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If you can count, you can spell.
Unless you fail on purpose.
Add me to the second ocean
and add the one in between.
For _____ is what your number needs.
But remember- you can spell,
Unless you fail on purpose.
This time, take your answer- which by now has probably changed
Unless you put it in the place
that appears to be just a blank space
Go back and take it out
If you can’t hear how to make the answer change,
Read it in a shout!
For written words are deceiving because
Yes, I can spell,
Unless I fail on purpose.
So take your answer
and count it out.
A note per number,
Can you figure it out?
A note by another name, you see,
is what your answer now shall be.
Take it, add yourself second.
You is the second note.
Read the previous line out loud again,
because we can spell
Unless we fail on purpose.
Now look at the card that represents me,
Find one of the things we all love to see,
And take the one that begins with your answer.
It’s just 1 word.
Private message it to me!

Can anybody solve it?