I like it. I know of a sibset names [name]India[/name] and [name]Rio[/name].

What a cool sibset!

I really like [name]Rio[/name]. It sounds kind of nick-namey to me, but I think it still works. If [name]Leo[/name] can stand on his own, I think [name]Rio[/name] can, too :wink:

I love it! But I’m curious. Are you thinking boy or girl? To me, this is a great [name]Tex[/name]-Mex cowboy name, but several posters have mentioned they know girl Rios or that they like it for a girl. Perhaps it is one of the new, truly unisex names?

It does seem as though it is short for something, but I’m not sure what that something could be.

Can anyone think of what [name]Rio[/name] couldbe short for?

[name]Rio[/name] could be short for the Irish name [name]Riordan[/name].

[name]Rio[/name] short for [name]River[/name]? what do you think?

I love [name]Rio[/name] as a nn for [name]River[/name]

Girl. [name]Duran[/name] [name]Duran[/name], anyone? “Her name is [name]Rio[/name] and she dances on the sand”.

I knew a man named [name]Rio[/name]. I like it. I don’t know if it was short for something but I don’t belive so.

We are considering naming our child [name]Dario[/name] if it is a boy. I suppose [name]Rio[/name] could be a nickname for [name]Dario[/name]. Or even [name]Mario[/name] for that matter.

I like all the longer names for [name]Rio[/name] that have been proposed, but [name]River[/name] is my favorite.

I love [name]Rio[/name] it’s in my top 20 names! I see it on a boy more then a girl but I guess it’s unisex.