River or Rivers

On name berry its a boys name. Would it be okay for a girls name?

I think it’s definitely okay for a girl. Nameberry lists all names for boys and girls, including [name]River[/name]. The male comments may have appeared on your screen (it says BOY in white on the lavender background), but it says GIRL (the BOY and GIRL are in capitals) right next to the BOY; all you need to do is click on it. [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] wrote that [name]River[/name] definitely works on a girl. (I’d go with [name]River[/name], not [name]Rivers[/name], though!)

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I prefer [name]River[/name] for a girl, since [name]Rivers[/name] might be rather closely associated with [name]Rivers[/name] Cuomo of Weezer.

Definitely [name]River[/name]. [name]Rivers[/name] makes me think of [name]Joan[/name] and [name]Melissa[/name] :frowning:

Yes, this could really be used either boy or girl. It was in the top for me with my last son, but my husband vetoed it. I [name]LOVE[/name] it!
Also for a girl other similar names I like…

[name]Rain[/name]- so simple and beautiful
[name]Willow[/name]- Earthy and beautiful
[name]Willa[/name]- Has the same vibe so pretty!
[name]Harmony[/name]- [name]Love[/name] it

I’ve always thought of it as a boy name but a family at school just named their baby girl [name]Willow[/name] [name]River[/name] which is gorgeous!

I know a little girl named [name]Rivers[/name], her mom got it out of a book and she’s the cutest thing ever and I love her name. [name]River[/name] is cute too.