What do you think of this name?


I didn’t use to be a fan but it is really growing on me. I’d imagine a very outdoorsy child but I can definitely also see it on a bookworm, for example. All in all, it’s a lovely name that everyone knows how to pronounce and write down.


I actually like the name! More-so for a boy. I can’t use it though because our last name is [name_u]Baker[/name_u] and [name_u]River[/name_u] [name_u]Baker[/name_u] doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

I’m not a huge fan. I like that it’s gender neutral, but that’s about it. It’s very trendy. People are using it a ton right now. I don’t like that it’s a word name. I feel like it would be cute for a baby but I can’t picture it on an adult.

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not a fan honestly. it has become so gender neutral lately that it doesnt really even feel like a name to me if that makes sense but on the flip side at least in nabmeberry land it seems like its quite overdone lately.

[name_u]Love[/name_u] it for a boy! Not crazy about it on a girl.

[name_u]River[/name_u] is sleek and fresh

I’m a fan. Used to just like it as a middle name but it’s really growing on me as a first lately too.

I love it! One of those names that I think works equally well regardless of gender. I love it as a femme name due to bad@ss sci-fi heroines [name_u]River[/name_u] Song and [name_u]River[/name_u] [name_m]Tam[/name_m], and I love it as a masc name because it has that vibe of [name_f]English[/name_f] poets running off into the countryside and writing about the beauty and magic of nature.

I love love love it on any gender!!

I really like [name_u]River[/name_u] - for either gender, really. It feels serene and intriguing.

I prefer it on a boy but it’s fine on a girl too. I initially loved it years ago because it was a nature word name but it’s been getting popular lately. It’s still a nice name though