Roberta (Bobbi), Joshua and ???

My main character’s name is [name]Bobbi[/name] ([name]Roberta[/name]). She is 18 and currently has been living for about a century and a half. She is not a vampire however, but a witch who’s spell had gone horribly wrong. In messing up she accidentally cursed herself and her two older siblings to a life of immortality. [name]Bobbi[/name] is described as tall with beautiful caramel skin. Her two older siblings often call her The Yellow [name]One[/name] behind her back. She is something of a tomboy, even wearing her hair in a [name]Caesar[/name] haircut. She’s kind, caring and fiercely protective of her siblings. She will often shy away from physical affection stating that the last time someone got too close they ended up dead. She blames herself for the death of her parents because she watched them get gunned down in the middle of the book store that she begged them to take her to for her 14th birthday. She is described by her peers as handsome at times and beautiful at others depending on what she’s wearing. Her siblings also describe her as the perfect witch or the magical genius in the family. She is quiet and reserved and prefers to be alone most of the time. She is also pessimistic.

OK, So here is where I need your help. As of right now, I have named her oldest sibling and only brother [name]Joshua[/name] or [name]Josh[/name]. He is the peace keeper in the house and the most mature. He is also something of a ladies man and a shameless flirt. He and [name]Bobbi[/name] are mistaken for twins a lot because they look so similar except [name]Josh[/name] has a lighter complexion. He always has good advice and loves his sisters, but sometimes find them more of a burden than a blessing. I’m not so sure his name fits his character though.

The middle child I haven’t a name for. She’s been [name]Kate[/name], [name]Alice[/name], [name]Angela[/name], [name]Tamera[/name] and [name]Charlene[/name]. None really fit. She is the drama queen of the family and is usually out of the loop when it comes to certain situations. She sees life as pixie dust and rainbows and is a hopeless romantic. She tries to doll her baby sister up 95% of time. Her personality clashes with that of her little sister so the two of them often fight. She is fairer than the other two with dark green eyes.

Any suggestions? [name]Bobbi[/name]'s name is pretty set in stone but the other two are up for fair game.