I like to think about [name]Robert[/name] as a family name, wonder what people think about [name]Robson[/name] as an update. Thanks!

I think [name]Robson[/name] would be great!

Thanks southern.maple!

I don’t care for it. Definitely sounds made up. It reminds me of [name]Kristen[/name] [name]Stewart[/name] and [name]Robert[/name] Pattinson…they were called Robston.

Hahahahah I can see that - although especially as they’ve broken up, I don’t think it’ll still be around by the time I’d get around to naming kids.

I get that it sounds made up a bit, but to me it’s more surnamey, like [name]Hudson[/name]. So modern, maybe, but not made-up per se.

Spelling it Robbsyn would be more made up!

[name]True[/name]. There’s also the option of [name]Robinson[/name], which I kind of like.

I like [name]Robinson[/name] pretty well, just wonder about [name]Robinson[/name] Cruesoe? Too far gone? Not a bad thing? I dunno.

[name]Hobson[/name] could be another option.

I do like [name]Hobson[/name] but worry it would be heard as [name]Hudson[/name]. Of course [name]Robson[/name] would probably be heard as [name]Robinson[/name]. Sigh : D.

I don’t think so. I had a [name]Hobson[/name] in my math class last year, and I don’t remember him saying he ever had problems with his name.

Not sure how you would get the short “u” sound from the short “o” sound. I can’t see you having problems with [name]Robson[/name] either. The syllable difference between [name]Robson[/name] and [name]Robinson[/name] is very distinct.

You’re probably right, I guess I don’t mean frequently, but I wonder if it would be often enough to be annoying. I’m thinking more of the like the first time people introduce themselves - names are just sometimes hard to hear out of context - and without writing. I’ve had [name]Jessica[/name] heard as [name]Dustin[/name] and [name]Jess[/name] heard as [name]Jazz[/name], and I speak very clearly. And I’ve also been guilty occasionally of hearing names, including common ones, wrong. But for me at least this happens quite rarely, with a common name. With something rarer, I would think the likelihood for names to be heard as more common ones would increase. But that still doesn’t mean it would be all the time or anything.

That’s so neat you had a little [name]Hobson[/name], and that he had no trouble : D.