Rocco Rio Reynolds??

Okay, I will start off by saying that I love alliteration. But that seems a little much…

Apparently [name]Jillian[/name] Barberie [name]Reynolds[/name] from Good [name]Day[/name] LA welcomed son [name]Rocco[/name] [name]Rio[/name] [name]Reynolds[/name] today.

And to make matters worse he joined big sister [name]Ruby[/name] [name]Raven[/name] [name]Reynolds[/name]. Obviously there is some major R love going on in that family!!

The sad thing is that I love the names by themselves, but the combinations just throw the whole thing off for me. I could be wrong, though. What do you think?

Its deffinatly not my favorite name, its not horrible i guess. Its just really not my style, [name]Rocco[/name] [name]Rio[/name] doesnt flow very well to me, and doesnt seem to flow very well (this is probably just me) [name]Ruby[/name]. They seem to be very diffrent styles of names. But its deffinatly not horrible, just not my style and a bit off with [name]Ruby[/name].

I love [name]Rocco[/name] and [name]Rio[/name]…but when I say them together I just get tongue tied. :frowning:

I wish it was something like [name]Ruby[/name] [name]Ramona[/name] [name]Reynolds[/name] and [name]Rocco[/name] [name]Raven[/name] [name]Reynolds[/name]. The repetition of [name]RoccO[/name] [name]RiO[/name] sort of throws the name off…

I think it is a little too R heavy; however, having said that I do praise them for choosing names that are a little less popular even though [name]Ruby[/name] [not as popular as it was in the early 20th century] has been rising in popularity. [name]Rocco[/name] is a strong male name choice!!

[name]Rocco[/name]/[name]Rocko[/name] was definately something that used to be very rare, while still definately unqiue and strong. It does seem to be on the rise, [name]Rocco[/name] [name]Ritchie[/name], of course. Juts a few weeks ago [name]Johnny[/name] Knozville welcomed a [name]Rocko[/name] and now this new baby [name]Rocco[/name].

I’m not a fan of aliteration really and agree this goes totally overboard. I do like the names tho.

What will they do when they get letters for R.R. [name]Reynolds[/name]? Not a fan at all x

I love the name [name]Rocco[/name], and like [name]Rio[/name]… but what a tongue twister! I have a really hard time saying it aloud, especially with [name]Ruby[/name]… I really can’t imagine the appeal of this combo, and I’m a big fan of alliteration.

i LIVE IN [name]RIO[/name] (DE JANEIRO) ! SO I [name]LOVE[/name] IT !!

Ha ha ha. She can name her kid whatever she wants, but as a speech language pathologist who works in schools I can just hear the way that name is going to be butchered