I was just looking at an old list and found Rokeby. I believe I found that name in the Telegraph announcements when I was pregnant. I remember LOVING it! I pronounce it [name]Rock[/name]-a-bee, not sure if thats correct. I think it appealed at the time because I was really into [name]Rocco[/name] and [name]Chris[/name] loves [name]Rocky[/name]. There is something about it that I still love. It seems really familiar to me, but apparently not to everyone! What do you think? Is it too rock a bye baby? I get sort of a rock and roll meets wing chair vibe from it, vintage meets modern, if that makes any sense at ALL!

I imagine from the spelling it would be pronounced more like Row-(like row a boat)-ca-bee

Yeah, I thought that might be the pronunciation. I don’t like that nearly as much.

I also said Row-ka-bee.

As did I.

Boo! You guys are killing me! Ok, but still… What do you think of it? Too weird?

Aww. We’re sorry. I think the name Rokeby looks odd to me. I do not like it pronounced ROW-kah-bee. It just doesn’t please my ears. And I have mixed feelings about it being pronounced [name]ROCK[/name]-ah-bee. A part of me wants to like it becuase it kind of has a rock-n-roll kind of vibe because of the hard [name]ROCK[/name] sound, but then as a whole I think of rock-a-bye baby. I like [name]Rocco[/name] over it ten fold.

Yeah, see? Damn [name]Rock[/name] a bye baby! I guess I had a bit of wishful thinking that this could be a cool name, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t go over well. I’m not sure I like it as a first name for a real person anyway, because it would be SO unusual. I think it is the [name]ROCK[/name] sound that appeals to me. I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Rocco[/name] but my husband always acts like I’m joking when i mention it. He’s a huge fan of The [name]Rock[/name] so he thinks just [name]Rock[/name] or [name]Rocky[/name] would be better, obviously I vetoed those!

Maybe it would be a cool middle name?

When I first saw it I got [name]Rock[/name]-a-bee from it and I think its adorable in that pronunciation. :smiley:
But you DEFINITELY would have to have a rocker child haha :lol:

Omg you actually like it? Woah! If I had a Rokeby I would play him rock music and dress him like a little star! Think it would fit an athlete, though?

YEAH! Rokeby just sounds like a cool person to me. I like it but you have to be brave to use it.

I think this would be an extremely cool middle name! I’m definitely not brave enough to use this as a first name, but I have to admit it does have a cool sound when you pronounce it like [name]Rock[/name]. But I think this is one of those names that’s awesome in theory, like on a character or something, just not on an actual person.