Rose and Eponine?

What do you think of the names [name]Rose[/name] and Eponine? As individual names? As a sister set?

I actually really like them together. Separately, Eponine only makes me think of the tragic character from [name]Les[/name] Mis.

Well I love the name [name]Rose[/name] and [name]Les[/name] Miserables is my fav. book, and I think they could work together. But she is a tragic character:(

[name]Rose[/name] is stunning and classic, feminine and strong, familiar and uncommon, and all around one of my favorite names. I think it’s overdone in the middle, but I like it as a first.

Eponine is very tied to [name]Les[/name] Mis, and if you read the book, [name]Victor[/name] [name]Hugo[/name] didn’t even like the name. He says something along the line of Eponine’s mother read too many romance novels and that’s how Eponine and sister Azelma got their names. Of course that was cut from the musical along with many other details- [name]Cosette[/name]'s full name was Euphrasie, for example- but I think it’s a bit odd to consider Eponine taking into account the name’s portrayal in the book. That said, if you really love the name I think it could be a really interesting middle.

Eponine is too tragic of a character for me, in [name]Les[/name] Mis she is called an unhappy soul, is missing teeth and never sounded that attractive to me. I dont think the prn “eh poh neen” sounds that pretty. I asked my dh about the name and he immediately made a joke asking if she would have siblings named Azelma or Gavroche so I think you would get a lot of obnoxious comments.

However it’s currently somewhat on the rise in [name]France[/name] (its never been popular there, less than 100 Eponines from 1900 until now) so maybe you could be a trendsetter if you used it!

Thanks for the input. I do love the name [name]Rose[/name] and I think it goes well with the name Eponine. For me, though Eponine is a tragic character (I have read the book and seen the musical), I think she is also a noble character. But if I chose this name I would not be naming my daughter for “Eponine, from [name]Les[/name] Mis”, I would just be naming her Eponine, yes her name is also used in a popular musical/book, no she is not named for the character, but yes I love the literary touch. I think it deserves some more thought, I have been thinking about this name for some time and after a while I have come to love it and think of Eponine the name not Eponine only and forever the character.