Ross David - what do you think?

I have only one option for a boy. [name]Love[/name] the name [name]Ross[/name] (my brother’s middle name) and [name]David[/name] (my dad) - but I’m worried [name]Ross[/name] is a bit outdated. What do you think?

ok, i’m sorry but i have to say it. the first thing i think is that you’re a big Friends fan, [name]Ross[/name] Gellar, played by [name]David[/name] Schwimmer. yeah, like i said, i’m sorry. probably no one else will think of that. Anyway, I don’t think any name is too outdated if you love it. He’d be almost guaranteed to not share his name with anyone, but it’s not outlandish at all. i think if you love it, you should absolutely use it.

My uncle’s name was [name]Ross[/name], but I never met him because he died in World War II. He was a prisoner of the Japanese. A fellow prisoner wrote a letter to my aunt which described many of his acts of kindness and heroism while in captivity. In my family, the name [name]Ross[/name] is akin to the name [name]Golden[/name] Boy. I believe that almost any name has the potential to be wonderful if the person who has the name is a wonderful person. On the other hand, a person could have a beautiful name, but if they’re really awful, the people around them start to dislike that name.

Though I do think of friends a little, I don’t think it is old fashioned. I kind of like how nice and straightfoward the name [name]Ross[/name] is. If you are very worried about it what do you think of switching the names - [name]David[/name] [name]Ross[/name]?

Naming your son [name]Ross[/name] [name]David[/name] to honor your brother and father is a wonderful idea. [name]Both[/name] names have a special meaning for you and your family. It also creates a bond for your son, his uncle and his grandfather. I would use it.

Yes, I totally agree. When you have a powerful personal reason to choose a name and when the association is really positive, in my experience that transcends all issues of fashion (which only really matter right this minute and which will be forgotten in ten years) and makes for a name you’ll love and cherish over time. It also gives your child something wonderful to look up to!

My son’s name is [name]Ross[/name], and no one has ever asked me if I was a big fan of “Friends” (which I wasn’t) I think it’s a great name, I don’t think it sounds old and stuffy, and there aren’t 5 of them in his class.