Rudolph, Howard, & Walter

[name]Rudolph[/name] - Is [name]Rudolph[/name] usable or solely a reindeer name? NN options could be [name]Rudy[/name] and [name]Dolph[/name]. Is [name]Dolph[/name] to similar to “[name]Adolph[/name]” to be used?

[name]Howard[/name] - Is [name]Howard[/name] too old man? NN option would be [name]Ward[/name]???

[name]Walter[/name] - Is [name]Walter[/name] too old as well? I think the NN [name]Walt[/name] could be cute :slight_smile:

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

My personal opinion is that [name]Rudolph[/name] is the toughest of these to pull off. I don’t personally care for any of the nns and [name]Adolph[/name], I just could never do that - it’s pretty stigmatizing world-wide, I would think.

I like [name]Ward[/name] a lot, and I knew a [name]Walt[/name] growing up - it really suited him, he was a great guy.

My favorite of the 3 is [name]Walter[/name]–it’s on our list, too. [name]Rudy[/name] is cute but [name]Rudolph[/name] would probably be hard to carry, and I would steer clear of anything even remotely sounding like [name]Adolph[/name].

[name]Walter[/name] by a mile. Best wishes!

I like [name]Walt[/name] the best of the lot. Would never do [name]Rudolph[/name] or [name]Dolph[/name]. My father’s name was [name]Randolph[/name] but as much as I loved him I would honor him with his first name not [name]Randolph[/name].

Some other similar suggestions

[name]Edward[/name] ( I like this much better than [name]Howard[/name])

[name]Love[/name] [name]Walter[/name] and the nickname [name]Ward[/name]. I agree with others that the -dolph is just a bit too much, though I’m growing to love [name]Rudy[/name] (with the longer name of [name]Rudyard[/name]). Others:

[name]Albert[/name] ([name]Allie[/name], [name]Bertie[/name])
[name]Alfred[/name] ([name]Freddie[/name], [name]Alfie[/name])
[name]Bernard[/name] ([name]Bern[/name], [name]Bernie[/name])
[name]Eugene[/name] (just met a little 4year-old [name]Eugene[/name] recently, and it actually worked!)
[name]Gilbert[/name] ([name]Bertie[/name], [name]Gil[/name]— [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Gil[/name])

I personally think Rudolph would be a little difficult for somebody to pull off, but I think that the nn Rudy is quite charming, so if you’re brave enough, then go for it!

I like Howard, not so much Ward. I don’t think it’s too old man at all!

I know a 6 year old Walter, and it suits him very well, so I wouldn’t say that it’s old man. I actually think it sounds rather fresh and happy!

My favourite from these would be Walter.

I’d like to second the suggestions of Albert, Alfred and Edmund! And I’d also like to suggest Ronald, Rupert and Alistair :slight_smile:

I can imagine three reasons why a boy would hate having the name [name]Rudolph[/name]:

  1. He would always have someone singing “[name]Rudolph[/name] the [name]Red[/name]-Nosed Reindeer” to him, especially around [name]Christmas[/name].

  2. People would jokingly ask him where [name]Santa[/name] and the rest of the reindeer are, or something along those lines.

  3. Kids, trying to be mean, would tell him to go back to the [name]North[/name] Pole where he belongs.

I can see how those three things would get very old very fast.

I think [name]Howard[/name] and [name]Walter[/name] are perfectly wearable though. [name]Walter[/name] is definitely ripe for a revival. [name]Howard[/name] might be a little harder to wear, but the nicknames [name]Howie[/name] and [name]Ward[/name] help.

[name]Walter[/name] feels the freshest and is the one I like best. I think it’s definitely up for revival. [name]Walt[/name] is an adorable nn.
[name]Howard[/name] seems a bit bland and dated, and the problems with [name]Rudolph[/name] are evident.

Personally I like [name]Rudolf[/name] the best of the three, but with the European spellings – [name]Rudolf[/name], [name]Rodolf[/name], or [name]Rodolfo[/name]. I’ve known a number of Rodolfos and no one has asked them stupid reindeer questions. Nns for [name]Rudolf[/name] besides [name]Rudi[/name] can be [name]Rolf[/name] or [name]Ralf[/name] – prn [name]Rafe[/name]. Besides, [name]Rodolfo[/name] is from La [name]Boheme[/name], which makes it great to me. [name]Walt[/name] is okay as a nn, I’ve known some really great Walts, but [name]Walter[/name] just doesn’t do it for me. And to me, [name]Howard[/name] is on the don’t ever revive it list, along with [name]Milton[/name] and [name]Irv[/name]. It you want [name]Ward[/name] as a nn I would agree with [name]Edward[/name].

I actually really like Rudolph, too, but like miloowen said, with a different spelling. I like Rolf as a nn, too. But it would be really hard to pull off. Maybe as a middle name?

Because of the difficulty with Rudolph, Walter is my favourite on your list. Not crazy about Howard; it’s not bad on its own, and I think Ward is fine, but I would dread hearing him called Howie.

[name]Rudolph[/name] is a perfectly fine name that like other good names such as (Aunt) [name]Jemima[/name] or [name]Abra[/name] (cadabra) have unfortunately become too closely associated, at least in the US, with some stigmatizing image. [name]Rudy[/name] though is a winner.

[name]Howard[/name] & [name]Walter[/name] are both still fuddy duddy names stuck in mothballs and probably will be for another generation.

[name]Rudolf[/name]- no way
[name]Walter[/name]- yes yes yes divine!
[name]Howard[/name]- gorgeous but I prefer the nn ‘[name]Howie[/name]’ to ‘[name]Ward[/name]’

I think [name]Rudolph[/name] would work only if you had cultural and/or family ties that justified your choice. And I disagree that [name]Adolph[/name] has a “world-wide” stigmatism. There are countries where it is/was far far more common than in english speaking countries and therefore isn’t solely tied to Hitler.

That said, that name [name]Rolf[/name] is so much better. Can’t say I am a huge fan of the name [name]Rudy[/name] - for me personally it is too tied to the movie of the same name and therefore a bit gimmicky to my ears.

I can see the appeal of [name]Walter[/name] but I haven’t fully come on board with it. Surprisingly (to me at least) [name]Howard[/name] is my favorite. I think [name]Howie[/name] is a super cute nickname and love the more grown up [name]Ward[/name]. [name]Love[/name] it.