Now that we are expecting DH has become more active in suggesting names. He tends to suggest names I find on the boring side or crazy last names as first names which I’m not into. He refuses word names which I like.

Today he suggested Rufio and it’s one of the first times I liked his suggestion! I had thought of [name]Rufus[/name] before but it just doesn’t fit.

What are your thoughts of Rufio? I do like it but am not sold, just looking for people’s thoughts. And yes, we would cheer Rufio like the kids in Hook :wink:

Two other names we agee on are [name]Leopold[/name] and [name]Edmond[/name], which is my grandpas name and I’m not sure how I feel about using a name I am so close to, and would still need to run it by family. He doesn’t like any other of my boy names yet lol but we haven’t gone into deep discussion until we know the sex.

All I can think of is the movie Hook and how this is my #1 name for a dog. I’ve wanted a giant schnauzer to name Rufio since I was a kid. I don’t really think it’s a good “person name.”
Considering [name]Edmund[/name] has been my #1 name for a boy since I was 8 years old and I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Leopold[/name], too, those names definitely are my preference over Rufio. I think maybe [name]Rupert[/name] nn Rufio could work… it’s a little less embarrassing than flat-out Rufio might be, even though [name]Rupert[/name] is shorter in syllables than Rufio (doesn’t matter much to me).

I don’t like [name]Rupert[/name] :frowning: and we’d spell it [name]Edmond[/name] because my family is French and it’s the only way I’ve ever known to spell it.

As pp said, just reminds me of Rufio from the movie Hook. Also makes me think of Ruffie (or however you spell it), the date rape drug :confused:

My dachshund is [name]Rufus[/name] and we call him Rufio all the time…it just comes naturally

[name]Will[/name] the child be of Spanish or other Latin descent? If not I find it a bit odd.

Rufio is a Spanish variant of [name]Rufus[/name], so you could name him [name]Rufus[/name] and use Rufio as a nn

And as another person mentioned, I think of the date rape drug “Ruffies”

Isn’t Rufio the name of the kid in that [name]Robin[/name] [name]Williams[/name]’ movie “Hook”? The kid with the red mohawk?

Rufio! Rufio! Yep, totally from the movie Hook

Yeah, I think of roofies. I don’t have that problem with [name]Rufus[/name], but that was literally the first thing I thought when I saw Rufio.

Yeah, I only know it as the character from Hook.

My immediate reaction to Rufio was the association with the date rape drug (ruffie.) It isn’t a personal favorite of mine, but you shouldn’t automatically discount it - especially if it is one of the few you two agree on! Personally, I love [name]Leopold[/name]! I have considered that one myself. A very unique choice with no negative connotations (that I can think of.) Best of luck!

There’s a whiny pop-punk band called Rufio, that’s the first association I had.

I do not like Rufio at all. It just makes me think of ruffies, like when you drug someone. I prefer [name]Rufus[/name] to Rufio.

I love [name]Leopold[/name] and [name]Edmond[/name] is nice as well.

I have a [name]Leopold[/name]. I have to say people always comment
And either love it or hate it. I love [name]Leo[/name] and we couldn’t agree on [name]Leonardo[/name] so [name]Leopold[/name] it is. [name]Edmund[/name] was on our long list. Our two other short list names were [name]Augustus[/name] and [name]Thatcher[/name].

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] there! Did you go for Rufio in the end? It’s our top contender at the moment!

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@Mags04 hi! I don’t know if this person ended up using Rufio, but I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the name Rufio!! I would love to see it be used too, so I’m excited to see someone considering it!

Awww…thanks so much! I would say we’re about 90% agreed on it at the moment. We’ve got an Italian surname so I feel it would work well. And are thinking [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m] as a middle name so if he ends up hating his slightly quirky name he’s got a nice fall back :grin:


I love Rufio. Rufio [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m] would be great. One of my favorite things about the character with the name was that he appeared tough, but underneath it all he was tenderhearted and loving. I hope you do use Rufio as I would love to see it being used IRL. :grinning:


@Mags04 Rufio [name_m]Sebastian[/name_m] is sooo handsome, I love it.

@shells15 Rufio is one of my all time favorite characters (from one of my favorite movies!), and you explained him so well!! Exactly what I love so much about his character.

I agree that I hope you end up using Rufio!