Russian Name Craze?

Yesterday I was at a party, and I noticed that a lot of people has Russian names! I asked a lot of them if they were Russian, and only a couple said yes! Here are the names:
[name]Nastassia[/name] (me)
[name]Nataliya[/name] (Actually Russian)
[name]Val[/name] (Actually Russian, short for [name]Valdemar[/name])

It was really confusing! And usually i’m never in those kind of situations where people get my name mixed up with someone elses! We were all younger, maybe 14-25. Was there some sort of Russian baby name craze in the late 80’s and 90’s?? Or was it just coincidence?

I’ll take a non-researched guess: the end of the Cold War, d”tente, and the Olympics. :slight_smile: