Ruy or Aries?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] guys, I hope you are well! , we are expecting soon and the two names we are considering are -

[name_m]Ruy[/name_m] [name_u]Del[/name_u] [name_u]Amore[/name_u]

[name_u]Aries[/name_u] [name_u]Del[/name_u] [name_u]Amore[/name_u]

What do you guys think? If you have any other first names that could go well with the middle/last names “Del” , “Amore”, “Reyes” or “Amias” please let me know(;

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I like both! I’m intrigued by [name_m]Ruy[/name_m], as I haven’t seen it before. Is it pronounced like [name_u]Roy[/name_u] or something else? [name_u]Aries[/name_u] is more familiar to me and I like the connection to the constellation. though more people will probably reference the astrological sign.

[name_m]Ruy[/name_m] [name_u]Del[/name_u] [name_u]Amore[/name_u] is very cool and charming

[name_u]Aries[/name_u] not ruy

Oh it pronounced “raai” or “raay” . You like [name_u]Aries[/name_u] with what constellation of names?

Why not [name_m]Ruy[/name_m]?

To me [name_u]Aries[/name_u] seems very linked the astrological sign and can see people making comments about it.

I’m not sure what to think of [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] - I’m not familiar with the pronunciation and I think it could get mispronounced a lot in an English-speaking context, which is something to consider. What culture is it from? It gives me a Portuguese or Brazilian vibe.

I’m not sure of the pronunciation, but [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] is intriguing. I think it would depend on where you live/if this is a common name there.

I would pick [name_u]Aries[/name_u] but that’s in part because I wasn’t immediately sure how to pronounce [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] and I still don’t know if I’m saying it right (Ray?).

Others you might like:

[name_m]Cy[/name_m] (“Sy” rhyming with My)
[name_u]Aire[/name_u] (like “air”)
[name_u]Amos[/name_u] (“Ay-moss)
[name_u]Ames[/name_u] (“Aims”)
[name_u]Asa[/name_u] (“Ay-sa”)

These are like your names but probably more accessible to [name_f]English[/name_f] speakers (than [name_m]Ruy[/name_m], [name_m]Reyes[/name_m] etc) if that’s important (it doesn’t have to be!).

There’s also the option of [name_m]Amias[/name_m] nn [name_u]Ames[/name_u] as a first, that’s nice! Maybe not with [name_u]Del[/name_u] [name_u]Amore[/name_u] as middles though - perhaps too romantic/ like a sentence or title.

Good luck!

Deleted account.

It is a spanish rooted name !

Oh its pronounced “Rai”

[name_u]Ray[/name_u] (the name) is pronounced with an E , [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] is “Rai” (with A) .

I like [name_u]Ames[/name_u] but it’s a girls’ name isn’t it?

What do you mean by “like a sentence or title”?

You know [name_u]Ray[/name_u] right? (The name) , it is pronounced with an E . [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] is pronounced “Rai” with an A (;

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Ray is pronounced with one of the A sounds in English - a long A - so English-speakers are likely to think Ruy is pronounced “Ry” or maybe “Rai”/ “Roo-ie” if they tried to pronounce it in Spanish/Portuguese.They would not immediately think it (Ruy) has an A sound because it doesn’t look exactly like the name Ray (which has an A sound).

Ames is typically a boys’ name from the Latin/French name meaning “friend” (you can find it and read more on Nameberry if you like it). When used for a girl, it is very likely to be a nickname for Amy/Aimée.

Lastly, I suggested Amias as a first name, potentially using Ames as a nickname. But Amias Del Amore seems to convey “Loved of the Love” so not a perfect sentence or title, but seems to be saying something perhaps a little cheesy or overly sentimental, like “the most loved of all love”. Basically, too many “word names” for me. I would mix Amias with something else (if using as a first). I personally prefer just Ames (but again, in my context).

Anyway I have given some suggestions for what might work well in English-speaking contexts (which may not be especially relevant/important to you, which is absolutely OK :)). To go back to the original question though, Aries is easier of the two to immediately guess how to pronounce.

Isn’t [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] a nickname for [name_m]Rodrigo[/name_m]? Why not go with [name_m]Rodrigo[/name_m] and use [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] as his nickname? I actually like [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] better than [name_u]Aries[/name_u], which is a little too woo-woo for me, but I’ve known two guys – one from Buenos Aires and one from Madrid named [name_m]Ruy[/name_m].

As for an A name, why not use [name_m]Amadeo[/name_m]?

Definitely [name_u]Aries[/name_u], I think it’s a really cool name. I love the middles [name_u]Del[/name_u] [name_u]Amor[/name_u], “of love” is so sweet

This could be a dialectal difference, but speaking from the point of view of someone who is Latino and speaks Spanish, I wouldn’t pronounce [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] as ‘rai’, I’d pronounce it as ruu-ee/rooy (sound the same to me, just put multiple cause it’s a bit harder to describe), so it’d be much closer to saying the name [name_u]Roy[/name_u]


Woo woo? Why is that);?

I like [name_m]Amadeo[/name_m] but my wife doesn’t. [name_m]Can[/name_m] I ask btw if [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] is their names or shorts of [name_m]Rodrigo[/name_m]? How do they pronounce [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] btw?

Oh it’s not “Del Amor” it’s “Del Amore”(;

It’s really a bummer); I really like the pronunciation of “Raai”.

I think (and I may be wrong) that you suggested [name_m]Ruy[/name_m] for us, and i’m grateful for that hahh.

I also like [name_u]Ames[/name_u] . But are you sure it’s a boy’s name? I don’t want to give my baby a name that he will be laughted at the future. You know?

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