[name]Rylan[/name] is the only name me and hubby both agree on and love, and it reflects our Irish background. However, I’m starting to wonder if it may be too feminine sounding? It is usually listed as a boys name, but I’ve seen it suggested for a girl a couple times on here which makes me nervous. My name is [name]Jamie[/name] and I’ve always disliked the fact that my name was unisex, so I do not want my children to have unisex names. Opinions needed please!

I know what you’re saying about it kinda being fem, but to me it’s a boy name. Especially as Rilan or Ryelan- these seems even more masculine, imo.

Good luck & Congrats!

eta- Rylen/Rilen would be nice, and masculine, too. :slight_smile:

It is listed as a boys name, but I have heard of it being used for girls too. I guess people like the [name]Rylee[/name] nickname. But then again, I know little girls named [name]Ryan[/name] so it seems like every name is unisex these days! If you love it you should use it.

I know three or four [name]Rylan[/name]/Ryeland-s and all are boys.

I see how it can turn into a [name]Sidney[/name] or [name]Logan[/name] though, especially since [name]Elliot[/name] and [name]Ryan[/name] are being used on girls.