Samantha to honor my late best friend?

so as many of you know my best friend passed away in February completely unexpectedly. I know I’m going to honor her in my first daughters name somehow. my latest idea is Samantha.

me and Caitlyn met because of our mutual love of Supernatural and we both adored the character Sam.

I’m thinking of going with Samantha to honor her, I had told her I wanted to name a daughter Samantha someday and she was really excited to be Auntie Caity to a little Sammy.

what do you guys think?

Edit: full name would be Samantha Carly Rose, Caitlyn really wanted to have a daughter named Carly Rose


I like it a lot, that way you’re honoring not only her as a person but also your relationship, the person she was to you. It’s also less heavy to bear for a kid than the actual first name of a deceased loved one and even if you think of your friend when hearing your daughter’s name it will be a reminder of the good times you had together.


I think this is a really special story; I can feel your passion for the name and excitement about it. It’s great. :two_hearts:

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What a meaningful way to honour her - a name you like, a memory you shared, and her initial in there too!


So sorry for the loss of your best friend.

In [name_u]October[/name_u] 2022 I lost my best friend to suicide (it was me, [name_f]Kate[/name_f] & [name_u]Chris[/name_u] as the three musketeers since we were young) loosing [name_u]Chris[/name_u] was devastating and very unexpected. I’m so sorry you’re going through this as I know from experience it’s a terrible time.

In relation to [name_f]Samantha[/name_f] I’ve always liked her so I think that’s a gorgeous way to honour your friend and [name_f]Carly[/name_f] [name_u]Rose[/name_u] is a sweet middle name option to honour your friend. The overall name has a bright nostalgic 90s flair and simply perfect to honour your friend.

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Such a beautiful connection, what a great way to honor her <3

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