Sappho- too bold?

It the name [name_f]Sappho[/name_f] wearable? Too bold? Too hard to spell? What are your thoughts? What would your reaction be if you met a little [name_f]Sappho[/name_f]?

Gorgeous name and wonderful homage to a female genius, but as it is now code for lesbian it could be hard in the playground. There is NOTHING wrong with being into girls, but kids can be really mean … :frowning:

Yes, I would not pick it. Too funky for me

It’s ok, but not really my style.

So, I’m a lesbian, and I can tell you that the name is very associated with homosexuality in the LGBT community (the term “sapphic” is often used to describe women who love women). I might assume her parents are lesbian women.

That being said, I think [name_f]Sappho[/name_f] is an excellent historical reference! I think it would make an excellent, edgy, intellectual middle name. But maybe not the best first name choice.

Too bold. As previous posters have mentioned, it’s strongly associated with lesbians (neither here nor there, but could be difficult on the playground at primary school). [name_m]Even[/name_m] without the association, I think it’s a bit much as a given name.

Maybe it can be a spunky nickname… For a [name_f]Sapphira[/name_f] or something. Not a fan of it as a stand alone.

The lesbian association is the first thing I thought of, having learned about [name_f]Sappho[/name_f] in literature classes. If the LGBT community and advocacy is a large part of your life and something that the child would grow up as a part of, using [name_f]Sappho[/name_f] as a middle might be a cool way to honor that. However, as a first name the associations would probably be too much to deal with, especially for a young human who is discovering who they are. I wouldn’t want assumptions being made about my upbringing or orientation based on my name. As others have already said, one might assume that a person named [name_f]Sappho[/name_f] was a lesbian or raised by lesbians and, while I would like to state that I see nothing wrong with that and would not be offended if someone made those assumptions about me, because there is nothing wrong with it, to constantly be correcting or confirming those assumptions as soon as someone heard your name might be tiresome. So if you are passionate about this name, I would suggest using it as a meaningful middle.

Click on it.
According to NameBerry…
Name of the 7th century BC Greek lyric poet born on the island of Lesbos, whose name has been synonymous with lesbian love. Though this name is rarely used today, it certainly could be and, some might say, SHOULD be revived.

This is one I would recommend putting through the Starbucks test a few times before giving it to a child.

I think it’s an utterly beautiful name, I too knew the inference from the name from Classics at school but if you are happy with the connotations that some others may put onto it, then I would go ahead, it really is a wonderful classical name and I agree, overdue a revival.
I may just have to use this as a middle name one day, I love it.

[name_f]Sappho[/name_f] isn’t wearable.

I sounds more like a funky nickname imo. Maybe short for [name_f]Saffron[/name_f] or [name_f]Safira[/name_f]?

That’s what I figured, it’s too bad. [name_f]Hope[/name_f] it comes back one day, just don’t know that I’m the best person to revive it, lol.