Saving poll results

So this just seems to have started today, but on polls that I’ve already taken and it said my answer was submitted, when I go back it’s showing that I haven’t taken them yet. After retaking them it seems to save my answers.

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Polls are not behaving at all at the moment are they!

Could I ask for a couple of links to recent polls that you’ve noticed this issue on, so I can have a play around with it myself?

Thanks :pray:

It has happened on the last 10 or so on the quick poll thread


Sometimes I vote but can’t view my vote in results in first few minutes (For example, in the “What do you call these shoes” thread I voted for “other” but when I saw the results “other” was 0%.)

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I’ve just been through that whole topic and it’s all working normally for me.

Same with this issue, reported yesterday :point_down:

I wonder if it’s to do with server load? Maybe if lots of people are interacting with a poll at the same time, or there’s a topic with lots of polls, it can be glitchy?

I’ve had this happen as well, mostly on the Quick [name_u]Poll[/name_u] Thread.

I’ve had this same loading problem a few times. It seems to help if I vote in my own poll. Like with my “[name_m]Favorite[/name_m] -[name_f]Line[/name_f] name” thread, I could see the percentages and initially, I could briefly see who voted but then it started glitching so I couldn’t see who voted til I voted in my own poll. This goes for both polls and rating but I think this is when you set it “show on vote”. I would have assumed it’s because of this setting if I couldn’t see the percentages and if I hadn’t initially seen who voted before it started glitching.

Also, after so many people have voted (when there’s 5 on the 2nd line), you can’t use the down arrow to see the rest of the people anymore

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I’ve asked our tech team to update Discourse, so I’m hoping these issues will be fixed when they get round to it.

If not, I’ll dig deeper, but since it was working until very recently I’m hoping that it just needs updating.

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I didn’t seem to have any issues with it all day yesterday