Scared to use name I've always loved...

As long as I can remember I’ve loved the name [name]Reagan[/name] for a girl. But I’m apprehensive to use it because of the [name]Ronald[/name] [name]Reagan[/name] connection (not well liked by myself or my husband) and I can just hear everyone asking “Did you name her after President [name]Reagan[/name]?” all the time. Should I just give up the idea of using the name? Please help!

*Also, someone recently suggested maybe pronouncing it [name]REE[/name]-gan instead of [name]RAY[/name]-gan. I like it, but can’t help thinking it sounds trendy or made up in some way…what do you think?

Use it! A good family friends just named their little girl [name]Reagan[/name]. It’s an adorable name and I say go for it!

I would for sure think she was named in honor of [name]Ronald[/name] [name]Reagan[/name]. Why not spell it [name]Regan[/name]? [name]Regan[/name] was a character in [name]Shakespeare[/name]'s [name]King[/name] Lear (not the best association, but at least it has history). I’m not a fan of the name personally, because it’s really trendy and I find it really masculine, but I think spelling it [name]Regan[/name] (you could probably use either pronunciation) would be your best bet if you don’t want to be associated with the former president.

I say use it if you love it.
You’re not going to look at your little girl and think of [name]Ronald[/name].
unless you are then don’t use it, haha.
I think every name will come with positive and negative associations, and although [name]Ronald[/name] may not be the best association for you, you loving the name is a good reason to use it :wink:

Well…I wasn’t a fan either and would go with [name]Kennedy[/name] instead of [name]Reagan[/name] :lol:
But I do like how the name sounds without the presidential associations. If I were to name my child a name that has a presidential tie my family would def. take note and question it. Everyone’s different though…are politics big in your family and amongst your peers? That would be the deciding factor for me.

I hesitate to add this—but there is also the girl in the movie “The Exorcist” --the one whose head spins around as she vomits green. (gross) I’m certainly not a fan of [name]Ronald[/name] [name]Reagan[/name]; but when I hear of a little girl named “[name]Reagan[/name]”, the Exorcist [name]Reagan[/name] is the first image I get. The 2 Reagans combined is why we eliminated this name when we were searching for an “R”.


While I do think of the president, I also think of [name]Ireland[/name], since [name]Reagan[/name]/[name]Regan[/name] is an Irish name. I actually prefer the [name]Regan[/name] version, because omitting that one letter helps to distance it from any connotations with specific people and brings it back to a very Irish feel in my mind.

[name]Reagan[/name]/[name]Regan[/name] is just not a name I would choose for a girl. It’s too strong and masculine sounding for a female in my opinion and too trendy by far (eg [name]Jayden[/name], [name]Aidan[/name] etc…). If you love it, why not use it as a middle name. It would be great paired with a more feminine first name like [name]Elizabeth[/name] [name]Reagan[/name] or [name]Charlotte[/name] [name]Reagan[/name]. Sorry but I’m not a fan of many surname type names for girls. I recently purchased a baby name book and one of the trends is Presidential names like [name]Kennedy[/name] (girl), [name]Lincoln[/name] (boy), [name]Harrison[/name] (boy) and [name]Jefferson[/name] (boy). I find most of them too masculine but there were a couple that stood out for me that may be ok to choose for a girl: [name]Coolidge[/name] and [name]Roosevelt[/name]. But as with most highly recognizable names, you will probably always get people asking,“Oh, did you name her after President-----?”

If you don’t like the association, I’m not sure it’s the right name for you. I do know a 20-something [name]Regan[/name] ("[name]REE[/name]-gan"), and my first impression of her (and her name) was that she was a ditzy rich girl. Unfortunately, in her case, getting to know her better did nothing for my impression of her. Neither name has good associations for me personally, but at least with [name]Regan[/name] you get away from the presidential angle and if I had to choose, I’d choose the “ree” pronunciation over the “ray” pronunciation, to me it sounds more feminine.

I love this name. I also like the spelling “[name]Regan[/name]”, like from The Excorist. I would use this name! I say if you love it, go for it. Who cares what people think, it’s your child! People are going to dislike names but they will love the baby either way.

I really like [name]Reagan[/name] too. I think you should definitely use it. Unless you’re big on republican politics I don’t think people will assume you are naming her after [name]Ronald[/name].

I prefer the [name]Regan[/name] spelling and pronunciation because [name]Reagan[/name] does sound masculine to me.

What [name]Justys[/name] said:


I love [name]Reagan[/name]; it’s beautiful. Since you love it, I say use it.

I think it’d be sort of weird if you told someone your DAUGHTER’S name and they assumed you named her after [name]Ronald[/name] [name]Reagan[/name]. Why would you name your daughter after a man? That said though, I do think [name]Reagan[/name] is very masculine. I’ve only met boys named [name]Reagan[/name] and find it a bit odd on a girl. But if that’s what you love, then use it.

To answer your question, no I would never assumed you named your daughter after [name]Ronald[/name] [name]Reagan[/name]. I will say though, that I never know how to say this name. I currently know three of them, and they all pronounce it differently.

[name]Regan[/name] - [name]REE[/name]-[name]GAN[/name]
[name]Regan[/name] - [name]REG[/name]-AN
[name]Reagan[/name] - [name]RAY[/name]-[name]GAN[/name]

oh and they are all girls.

I have known a few Reagans so it’s not so uncommon that people would necessarily feel the need to question you about it. But I would assume that you were a [name]Ronald[/name] fan. :wink:

I for one fully intend on naming a child after my father, regardless of gender. My middle name was given in honour of him too. I honestly doubt I’m the only one here who would name a daughter after a man, or a son after a woman. I prefer to do this with names that are considered “gender appropriate” ([name]Jane[/name] for a [name]John[/name], etc) but there are a lot of people who would name a daughter [name]James[/name] to honour a [name]James[/name].