What do you think of [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f]? [name_f]Do[/name_f] you think they would still get teased about Gone with the wind or is that outdated enough now? and there are only two spelling variations I can think of (one t or two).

We were going to name a baby girl [name_f]Mila[/name_f] but too many spelling and mispronunciation problems already. I want an easy name that people have heard of and won’t have to ask twice what it is. Any suggestions besides [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f]?

I love [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f]. I definitely think Gone With The Wind is old enough that you don’t have to worry. Most kids nowadays have no idea what that is.



Gone With the Wind is a household name anyway and so old it’s hardly worth worrying about. I personally like it. For me it conjures up romance and autumn. I think it’s unusual yet very wearable. Other options would be…

Good luck!

Being totally honest, I do not care at all for the scar part, it turns me completely off. Gone with the Wind would not be a negative.


[name_f]Scarlet[/name_f] is a lovely name and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Other suggestions:

I think [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f] is a great name, and I don’t think Gone With The Wind is a bad connection at all. I also second the suggestion of [name_f]Georgia[/name_f].

I love [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f], both the name and the character! Gone With the Wind isn’t a bad reference at all- a surprising number of people have never heard of it, especially those who aren’t really readers. Those who do, there are some that dislike [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f] but a far larger number who admire her guts, strength, and smarts. Definitely not a tease-worthy connection. (And by the time people are reading the book- probably high school, hopefully not too much earlier!- they’re probably past the point of teasing someone about their name.)

[name_f]Caroline[/name_f] (another GWTW character though)
[name_f]Maybelle[/name_f] (also in GWTW)

I love [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f]! I think it is modern, sophisticated, girly, and a gorgeous color!

I like the name [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f] a lot, very pretty, I just dislike the nn Scar. I know a girl named [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f] and she gets called Scar by her family all the time. The Gone with the Wind association is positive I think, and most younger people will never have even heard of it. I teach HS and knew several kids that had no idea even who [name_f]Audrey[/name_f] Hepburn is! If the Scar nn doesn’t bother you I say go for it!

[name_f]Scarlett[/name_f] is one of my favorite names. The only reason it isn’t on my name list is because my husband fears it’s too popular and will only continue to rise. I feel the connection most people will make nowdays is not Gone with the Wind but [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f] Johansson which is by no means bad.

I like [name_f]Scarlett[/name_f]. It’s spunky with some vintage charm. I like [name_f]Mila[/name_f] too. Personally I wouldn’t worry about pronunciation, but maybe that depends on where you live etc. A lot of ppl are familiar with actress [name_f]Mila[/name_f] Kunis.

I love [name_f]Scarlet[/name_f], prefer 1 T on the end.