Search function not working on main site?

Hello, everyone,

Is anyone else unable to search anything on the main site? I can’t search for names or even use the advanced name search. It just keeps loading.



I had the same issue yesterday

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This happens to me every few weeks but I just kind of ignore it, I guess :woman_shrugging:


This site is so often glitchy… Im not even surprised.

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It wasn’t like this when I joined. It’s really annoying.

I’ve been having this issue for the past few days too! I’ve gotten around it by entering[insert whatever name I was trying to search]. It takes you right to the name page, which loads immediately for me. Temporary solution while they look into the problem :slight_smile:


Oh, smart. Thanks!

The advanced search has worked for me, so I’ll just put the entire name in the “contains” slot. The search itself doesn’t work, though.

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Same issue since yesterday

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Advanced search doesn’t work for me

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There seems to be a general loading issue as of a couple of days ago (Account page won’t load for me either). The tech team is working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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