Second thoughts...MAJOR writer's name block!

Hey guys! I [name]LOVE[/name] writing names and stories and I like giving my characters more spunky names, not boring simple ones like [name]Lucy[/name] and [name]Billie[/name].
Well, I’m having second thoughts on a new story I have going. I consider it my screwed up [name]Cinderella[/name] story with the stepmom who’s murderer, moody stepsister, some creepers for neighbors,and a work-a-holic, ignorant dad, ect. But now I’m just not liking the names I origionally chose, so I need your help!

[name]Nola[/name] [name]Taylor[/name]- “[name]Cinderella[/name]” who’s grieving her mothers death and grieving having to live with her dad who seems to like stepsister #1 better than his own flesh and blood. I’m not too sure on concrete looks yet, but I have decided she likes to perform and dance. Sweet, not super pretty, kind of quirky (i picture her mom kind of as a hippy) and clumsy (she’s the type to get the tablecloth stuck to her gown and pull off plates with it). The name I’m looking for is something a little spunky and quirky like [name]Nola[/name],yet not super out there since her dad is prim and proper, if that makes sense :smiley: mabey a british vibe? Oh, she ends up getting together with someone named [name]August[/name] nn Auggie who has curly black hair and is a musician.

[name]Tabitha[/name] [name]Carlisle[/name]-Evil Stepsister #1 who always seems to do everything better than [name]Cinderella[/name]. She likes the same popular boy that her stepsister does, and is very athletic (unlike [name]Cinderella[/name]) and does theater just so she can get the parts her step sister wants.

[name]Talullah[/name] [name]Carlisle[/name]- Stepsister #2 who isn’t super cruel like her sister. She’s kind of gothic and enjoys reading [name]Edgar[/name] [name]Allen[/name] [name]Poe[/name], Vampire novels, weird conversations with ghosts (her friends, since she’s a loner.) She enjoys eating and is very moody and wears dark, ripped clothes in layers (with unnatural black hair). My concern is if [name]Tabitha[/name] and [name]Talullah[/name] are too matchy.

[name]Jackie[/name]? - Evil Stepmom who killed [name]Cinderella[/name]'s mom so she could get to the dad and money. She pretty much gave up on her gothic daughter, treats [name]Cinderella[/name] horibly, cheats on her husband [name]Arthur[/name] [name]Carlisle[/name], gets numerous plastic surgeries, and work out videos. I see her with blond hair.

Last name- I’ve decited on the lastname [name]Carlisle[/name] for [name]Cinderella[/name] and her family

Wow, I know this is a lot but thanks for helping me out with my writers block!

I don’t think [name]Tabitha[/name] and [name]Talullah[/name] are too matchy for a story like this. Especially if either one of them go by a nick name at all. I do see [name]Tabitha[/name] as a “darker” name over [name]Talullah[/name] though, so if it were me, I would probably switch the sisters names.

As for [name]Nola[/name], I like it. But some suggestions for a quirky British feel: [name]Violetta[/name], [name]Thalia[/name], [name]Fern[/name],


Step-[name]Sister[/name] #1:

Step-[name]Sister[/name] #2: I think [name]Tabitha[/name] is perfect for her. Others are:

[name]Jacqueline[/name] (sp?)

Okay so I’m decited to give the names [name]Tabitha[/name] [name]Scarlett[/name] to the stepsister number two and [name]Tristyn[/name] [name]Victoria[/name] to stepsister number one. The stepmoms name is [name]Jaqueline[/name], but I still dont have one for the main character.

I’m not sure about [name]Thalia[/name] since it starts with a T like her stepsisters.I do like [name]Miranda[/name] and [name]Bryony[/name], and some others I thought of are [name]Alice[/name], [name]Allegra[/name](nn [name]Ally[/name])[name]Dahlia[/name],[name]Bella[/name],[name]Felicity[/name],(nn Fly :smiley: ),[name]Fleur[/name],[name]Annora[/name],[name]Vera[/name], or [name]Willow[/name]. WDYT?

Thanks again! Any new suggestions for “[name]Cinderella[/name]” are greatly appreciated as well!

hey guys, i’m still undecited on a name for my main character!!

Names for [name]Cinderella[/name] (sorry for repeats):


I like [name]Bryony[/name] off of your list… I CAN’T think of any more names though. Why is my mind going blank?? ;/ I wish I could get my hands on your story though it sounds really good.

why thank you! ugh i honestly think I’ll never find a name but I’ve been busy so I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like or thinking about names. Mabey I just need to start over and figure out what name I exactly want…

So “[name]Cinderella[/name]” still needs a name…

Hey guys! So for a while I’ve just stopped working on the story altogether and hopefully, a name would just come to me. Well yesterday night one did. I had just bought a book earlier that day, and I was looking at the cover and I saw the authors name, [name]Johanna[/name], and that seems right. So thanks so much for all the name suggestions and I will definently keep them in mind for future characters!