See which threads I've already responded to?

Since the update I’m finding the site hard to use because unlike before, where you would have a green arrow, I can’t find any way to see if I have already replied to this thread or not. Particularly annoying when I want to find new CAFs in the name games forum. Is there a way to see this and I’ve just missed it?

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Hi @SuzieKim,

This is a common question; I hope the below info helps!

Set to “New” in navigation bar

If you want to find new CAFs that you haven’t played yet, the easiest way is to go into the Baby Name Games category and toggle to “New” in the tabs along the top. (Note: on mobile this is a dropdown menu, rather than a bar.)

This will show you all the topics that have been newly created in the last 2 days, and that you haven’t read yet.

A bit more info on what the various symbols next to topic titles mean

New to you topics will display with a little blue dot next to the topic title, as below. This indicates a topic that has been created in the past 2 days and that you haven’t opened yet.

If you have opened a topic (and read for at least 4 minutes), you will instead see a blue post count of new replies since your last visit after the topic title.

If you have read all the way to the bottom of a topic, the topic title will be shown in grey rather than black.

For more information

This is a really handy resource for getting to grips with what all the new features and functions do. (This is not a Nameberry resource, it’s a general guide to the platform.)

One of my issues kind of ties into this. I’m trying to locate specific topics I’ve replied to by looking at “activity” in my profile, but there’s only one page of topics consisting of 30 items when I know for a fact I’ve replied to far more topics than that.

@autumnreverie I replied to you earlier on the Issues with category feeds not scrolling down topic.

A few people are having trouble with the infinite scroll. This seems to be the problem you’re experiencing; if I go onto your profile and scroll right down to the bottom of your Activity, more posts load as expected for me.

I’m really working hard to troubleshoot this.

Please could you answer these questions for me?

  • Your device and browser (if desktop/laptop, does it work normally on mobile?)
  • Your location (again, feel free to PM me or ignore this question if you’re not comfortable revealing that info publicly)
  • Does the feed start to load normally if you refresh the page?
  • Does entering private/incognito mode make any difference?
  • Does clearing your cookies and cache make any difference?

Thank you!