Since everyone is very into working backwards at the moment, discovering nns then trying to find full names which those nns would derive from, I thought I’d throw my latest love out there for consideration.

Sephie is what I’ve stumbled across. Originally I thought of it as a nn for [name]Josephine[/name], which I love but not so keen on the meaning. Then I though [name]Seraphina[/name], which I also love but prefer spelt [name]Sarafina[/name] to give the nn [name]Sara[/name]. I then stretched my net out to [name]Stephanie[/name] which is lovely but I adore [name]Stephen[/name] and so [name]Stephanie[/name] isn’t all that to me.

My question is; what else is there? Sephie, a nn for…

Would love to hear all your ideas! Thanks in advance:)

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

Oh and before I forget, my alphabetical lists are still going, I know I haven’t commented on the ‘C’ [name]Poll[/name] in a while but I have read them all and thanks so much for all who replied! Much appreciated. I shall be posting the 'D’s soon.

I once heard ‘‘Sephie’’ as a nn for [name]Persephone[/name] which I think is really cute but the name itself may be a little too out there.

That’s brilliant! [name]Persephone[/name] is so beautiful, it’s been on my list of guilty pleasures for a long time but with the nn Sephie… I can see it. Thank-you!

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

[name]Sephora[/name]- A Hebrew name meaning " A beautiful bird"
[name]Sefarina[/name] -a Greek name meaning “Of a gentle wind”