[name]Hi[/name]! This is my first time posting here. I’m [name]Ann[/name], mommy to 11 month old [name]Toby[/name]. His full name is [name]Tobias[/name] [name]Kevin[/name], but he’s [name]Toby[/name] 99% of the time.

So we’re not TTC #2 yet, but I’m already thinking about names. I have what my husband refers to as a “mild obsession” with names. I tend towards classic/untrendy names. I recently discovered the name [name]Seren[/name], for a girl, and I am totally in love. My grandmother’s name is [name]Esther[/name], and I’d like to do something in tribute to her. I don’t lke the name [name]Esther[/name], so I started looking for other names with the same meaning. [name]Esther[/name] means [name]Star[/name], and so does [name]Seren[/name], in Welsh I believe.
So I totally [name]LOVE[/name] this name, and my husband flatly vetoed it. He says he reminds him of a posion gas and/or a [name]Star[/name] Trek character. I think it’s just a beauitful name.

Anyone agree with me? Disagree? Anyone think of a simliar name I might use?

I absolutely adore [name]Seren[/name]! I’ve always loved Welsh names and [name]Seren[/name] is one of my favourites. I have [name]Evelina[/name] [name]Seren[/name] as one of my top combos on my list.

I love the soft sound of it but I would worry that people would say sair-EN rather than SEH-ren as it’s supposed to be. But then, maybe not as its just like the beginning of Serengeti or [name]Serendipity[/name].

I think it works as a nice tribute to [name]Esther[/name]. I absolutely love it, but if you hubby vetoes it completely you could use:


[name]Seren[/name] is beautiful but if dh won’t agree, you could also honor grandma by naming your daughter [name]Estella[/name] or [name]Estrella[/name].

[name]Seren[/name] is one i’m definitely going to use!
I really love those Welsh names.
[name]LOVE[/name] [name]EM[/name]!
And yes, you should definitely use it.

I’m with your husband on this one. [name]Way[/name] too close to sarin.

close alternatives:
[name]Estella[/name]/[name]Estelle[/name]/[name]Stella[/name] (Latinate versions)
Steren (Cornish)

Had to reply my 6 week old daughter is [name]Seren[/name] [name]Rose[/name], no-one over here (UK) has mentioned sarin yet, but get it pronounced wrongly all the time S’[name]Ren[/name] is the most common. Good luck choosing a name.

I love this name too!
[name]Astrid[/name]- latin, meaning of the stars

I’ve always loved [name]Seren[/name], my family not so much…

Another of my favorite girl’s names is also related to [name]Ester[/name], after all the biblical character had two names, her real Hebrew name was [name]Hadasah[/name]. I don’t know if it’s a style you and your husband will like but it’s another possibility.

[name]Seren[/name], to me, sounds like it’s missing part of the word. Maybe because it’s the root of so many other words/names ([name]Serena[/name], serene, serenity, etc.), but [name]Seren[/name]-fullstop sounds strange, [name]IMO[/name].